What Does No Last Guardian At Tokyo Game Show Mean?

This year more and more bad news out of the Team ICO camp has been piling up about the development of The Last Guardian.

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Abash2195d ago

It means its not ready to be shown yet

AsimLeonheart2194d ago

I fear, it has become vaporware just like FFvsXIII and FFX HD. I am really disappointed as all the seemingly great games vanish or keep getting delayed forever. This TGS I was waiting FFX HD but there was no word on it even after a whole year has passed since it was announced.

WeskerChildReborned2195d ago

At this rate, it'll be a next gen game.

metsgaming2194d ago

at this rate the smart thing for sony to do is just hold onto it until the ps4 it would do more good for them. Btw i hope the people fixing the game go in and fix the controls aswell because they were awful in the last two games

dredgewalker2195d ago

Maybe they'll release it when the PS4 is out so the PS3 won't be left out. I just gave up on waiting to stop my disappointment but I will be sure to grab a copy when it does come out.

Freak of Nature2194d ago

I agree thats the truth of it... My bet is it will be on PS4 in 2014, after a year of giving the PS4 more time for a larger install base...

It seems the wait for my top games like LG, Oddworld's next IP within the Oddworld universe, Beyond good and evil 2, Dark Cloud 3, and now Media Molecules new upcoming IP are quite tough, but I hope in the end well worth the wait...

This game is not vaporware, it's in revamp mode, and I am certain has a perfect reason on why it's taken extra long... I for one will be getting it day 1, even if that day is still 2 years away...

Knight_Crawler2194d ago

It means PS4 launch title in late 2013.

Freak of Nature2194d ago

That would be great...But I think they will wait for the user base to grow for a year or so. Perhaps within the launch window with a early 2014 release? Anyways, I sure hope to see it ASAP..

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Hellsvacancy2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

It just means we have to wait even longer, its a tred PS3 gamers (like me) get use to, itll be worth it

NastyLeftHook02195d ago

It means that the last guardian was not at the tokyo game show.

RivetCityGhoul2195d ago

development hell, thats what it means.

Knight_Crawler2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

It means that its keeping FF Versus, Half Life EP 3 and Agent company in development hell.

SKUD2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Now now lets not talk about the Alan Wake franchise like that. I'm sure those in-game ads were useful to someone.

Megaton2195d ago

Get Borderlands 2, bro. My outings need 100% more Skud.

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The story is too old to be commented.