What Sony's TGS Tells Us About PlayStation's Future

Push Square investigates what the price of the PS3 Super Slim and Vita could reveal about the PlayStation 4. Will Sony build a more refined platform in order to achieve a lower price point? What would you like to see from the next PlayStation platform?

An excerpt: "Sony shocked attendees at its Tokyo Game Show press conference earlier this week by announcing the PlayStation 3 Super Slim. Unfortunately, the corrugated console itself was not the reason for open-mouthed attendees – that accolade was reserved for its flummoxing price-point. Indeed, as opposed to positioning the aging system at a previously untapped cost-conscious market, the company instead opted to go toe-to-toe with Nintendo’s new Wii U. In Japan you’ll be able to pick up one of Sony’s new machines for a meagre ¥20 (roughly 25 cents) less than Nintendo’s fresh arrivals, and the situation isn’t much better overseas. So, what does the announcement tell us about PlayStation’s future under a much more financially focused regime?"

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R_aVe_N2272d ago

I have been doing a lot of surveys lately that are directly related to the PS4 and the NextBox as of late so they are gathering a lot of information on what fans are wanting in the next consoles. Because I can't say everything one question did involve a possible bundling of an handheld unit and console unit. So they are both finish for consumer feedback on the next consoles even though a lot might be predetermined already and them wanting to know if people would want this. There was also some questions about purchase once play anywhere kind of like what Amazon does with there content.

get2sammyb2272d ago

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Pillsbury12272d ago

They should make a bundle with 12gb ps3 and vita to compete with wii u. That would be the smart thing.

get2sammyb2272d ago

It would be cool, but even if the 12GB PS3 cost $150, with the addition of a $250 Vita, the overall price would be too high.

AIndoria2271d ago

I love Sony, but I don't want them to get shut down because of losses :P

miyamoto2271d ago

I said before there might be a home & mobile version of the PS 4

Pillsbury12272d ago

I don't understand what the heads of Sony are thinking they could have brought the 12gb ps3 here and be in a much better position to beat the wii u this Christmas. I believe Sony will no longer want to put out a system that's puts them at a loss but will still put out a system that is more powerful. They made a statement saying that there is no need to be first they will put out a system when the technology advances and is profitable. Sony also can't afford to come in late to the game either. It will be exciting to see what the wii u and ps4 bring. Long live play.

sikbeta2272d ago

I don't know how it works, I read somewhere that SCEA doesn't want the 12GB model, since they work independently of SCEE and SCEJ <-> SCEI, they ask what models they want, maybe it's just that the Euro branch wants to test and see how it works first, then the SCEA could follow, but it's a mess

Also, I'm sure people don't care about bigger HDD space, so the "sense" of better/more value doesn't work anymore, I'm sure people would take a 12GB model for <$199 and even gladly buy an official HDD from Sony later, rather than pay >$50 more for more capacity in the console

VideoGameJimmy2271d ago

"I'm sure people would take a 12GB model for <$199 and even gladly buy an official HDD from Sony later, rather than pay >$50 more for more capacity in the console"

Aren't the current models going down in price or are they fazing those out as soon as the new "super slim" models come out? If I were Sony I'd make the 160 GB slim model $179.99 and still sell it.

RememberThe3572271d ago

The small hard drive versions of the PS3 in the past have not moved as many units in the US as people seem to think. I doubt retailers want to see those smaller HDD version still on their shelve again so SCEA decided to just pass on that model.

Aclay2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

With Sony not going to the $199 price point with this new PS3 Slim model even though it's cheaper to produce, I think it's a sign the PS4 might not come out in 2013 after all. Pretty amazing that this far into this console gen, the PS3 hasn't hit the $199 mark yet with it's 3rd hardware revision, and Microsoft's 2nd cheapest console is still $299.

It just looks like neither (especially Sony) is in a rush to leap into Next Gen and want to squeeze as much out of this Gen. as possible. There's still some pretty great looking games coming later this year and in 2013, so I wouldn't be disappointed if the PS4 didn't come out in 2013.

Pillsbury12272d ago

There's still so much value left this generation with metal gear solid ground zeroes, last of us and beyond. I'm in no rush for next gen, still excited for ps4 and it's possibilities.

... And the last gaurdian... I can dream...

Xof2272d ago

For some reason people seem convinced that 2012 is the last year for the PS3.

But 2013 has many games clustered in it, all year around, and you've barely mentioned a fraction of 'em.

Given how Nintendo's approaching the next generation with the WiiU, it seems very silly to me that anyone thinks the PS3 will end soon, or that the PS4--whenever it comes--will be much of an improvement tech-wise.

SAE2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

some reason ?..
it have been more then 6 years since the ps3 released !

it's enough reason to want the ps4 right now even in this second ...

i don't care how powerfull the ps4 you people think , it's just expectations nothing more , if it announced then you people can say it's not gonna have big improvements or not , don't judge it without knowing the facts , if you are not ready others are waiting for it , the early it released the benefits are increased for you people who want to stay and play on the ps3 for few years , many advantages for you so why acting like it's not needed when we all gonna buy it in the end?...

no one said the ps3 will end this year , it will continue releasing amazing games after the ps4 released just like the ps2

wii u is like an hd version of the ps3 nothing more , it's not a next generation console because it's releasing this generation games

Persistantthug2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

There are literally zero signs.

-2012 is pretty much over and there's been no mention or acknowledgement
-PS3 doesn't get a price drop in 2012...which means that Sony is planning on the PS3 lasting longer
-Tons of PS3 games are getting announced for 2013
-Sony has continually said NO

I'm not talking about what you, I, or anyone else wants to happen.
I'm talking about what is GOING to happen.
There is no PS4 for holiday 2013....and the only hope now is for holiday 2014.
Again, I'm not concerned about what people what....I'm concerned with it's gonna be.

PS4 for 2013 is nothing but HOPES & DREAMS at this point bro.

Snookies122271d ago

@IDeath489 - Well, Sony did say they wanted the PS3 to last 10 years. So they're just making good on that promise is all. I suspect the PS4 will come out around the 8th or 9th year. So somewhere in the 2014-2015 range. 2015 being the latest most likely.

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avengers19782271d ago

Yea I don't see a PS4 coming out next year either... The article ask a question at the end what's the perfect price point for the PS4... I say that depends on what they do with it, but if Im looking at 450 to 550 USD... I hope for cheaper but I'm realistic...

smashcrashbash2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Figures. Sony has shown us so much in every conference for the whole year and of course what do they do? Harp on about the one that didn't show off as much as people thought it would. Also I would love to ask what happened to the constant 'Japan's market is old hat and pointless, no one really cares about Japaneses developers, Western games are better' blah blah blah. Now suddenly the Japanese market is the most important for Sony again. They practically showed us so much during the year. But because they had nothing left really for the TGS it means it's time to kick them in the ribs again. when ever Sony is up everyone backs off but the moment they are down it's time to pile up on them.The blew us away at Gamescom but suddenly TGS is important again because this conference wasn't their best.It reminds me of the people that cheer when PSN has lots of content and boo when it doesn't. Sony's fanbase seems to be mostly made up of fair weather friends. Time to get out the doom measuring stick again

rainslacker2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I agree with most of what you said, however I don't think it's the Sony fans that are the ones really complaining about their occasional down sides or seemingly irrational marketing decisions. There may be some of course, but this kicking tends to come from people who say they're fans but actually aren't. The ones I know are Sony fans question why Sony might do something, but seem to be able to accept logical reasons for why they do something, hence why people call them the SDF.

I for one am a Sony fan, but I am able to criticize them when I think they aren't doing something right. I also know that they have their reasons for doing things and they likely have pretty good reasons for doing them.

smashcrashbash2271d ago

Sony is the one fighting to keep their company. I don't think anyone can be as concerned about them as they are of themselves. If Sony goes down what do we lose? A few of their products. But they lose everything they have worked for. Many times it may seem like they aren't doing something logical but you have to remember that we are on the outside looking in. We don't have a clue what are the reasons for them doing something whether it is long term or short term.

People run around giving advice an saying they should do this or that without a clue why or for what reason it was done.A business is a complex entity and since Sony right now is having financial troubles to do what you keep saying that should be done is not as simple as people seem to think. It is easy to say 'drop the price of the PS3 and that will fix everything but it could easily send them faster down the slippery slope.

I read someone claiming all they have to do is give up on the VITA and concentrate on the PS3. But people don't understand that their are barriers to exit. If Sony just drops the VITA their are consequences. People still think of companies like Sony as lemonade stands that you can just throw things away, change prices and stop doing things, have sales and just give away things for free. But these things have consequences and while you think what they are doing seems illogical the things that people suggest could very well break them. Sony despite the constant attack on them Sony is holding their company together and much of the advice people keep yelling could very well be worse then what they are doing now.

Many people here have no idea how a business much less a corporation works.To fix the problem sacrifices have to be made for the good of the company and that doesn't always mean just drop all prices and start handing out things for free.I am not saying they know everything and don't make mistakes but they definitely know more about what they are doing then most of the advise givers. Like the people who were saying to scrap PASBR because it don't look good only to find out that they were playing an old build of of it and it wasn't even close to what the final product looked or played like.They didn't try to understand and figured Superbot and Sony just had no idea what they were doing

rainslacker2271d ago

Your absolutely right. However there is a large disparity between criticizing a decision and calling for a complete rework of their operating practices.

For instance, this past week when I first read the articles on the slims they made it seem like you had to use a proprietary hard drive in them. I criticized this decision and found it to be a step in the opposite direction for the way they've done things this generation. However since this wasn't the actual case I apologized and moved on. I was also able to express my disappointment for no price drop, but never stated that it meant doom for them, just that it meant I wouldn't be picking a 2nd one up.

I can also speculate on why Sony might be doing things. While it's true I don't know all the factors of console marketing, I can at least make somewhat informed decisions based on logic and history. This isn't meant as an attack, but rather a discussion of things that I find rather interesting.

There are of course people who will play the armchair analyst or marketing genius who will lambast the company for their decisions, spelling out how it will be the downfall of the corporation. And to me they are annoying. About the only thing you can do is either post your own reasons why they're wrong or move on and ignore them.

I'd personally like to see more open and reasoned discussion on these issues, and less of the fanboy tripe that gets thrown around. I would love to see more positive and informative articles as opposed to the negative spins that show up here every day. But being the internet that isn't likely to happen any time soon.

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