Check Out Some Exclusive Gameplay From Zombie MMO The War Z

Hands down one of the most anticipated games in the near future is The War Z. After the exponential success of ArmA 2 mod DayZ, the gaming community at large has some pretty high hopes for The War Z. With a features list that reads like every zombie afficionado's dream come true, The War Z has us pretty excited.

This morning, we're proud to bring you some exclusive new gameplay from the upcoming zombie MMO, making its world premiere right here on FPS General.

If you've been looking to get an in-depth look at The War Z, this is your chance!

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Irishguy952279d ago

Open world with walking zombies = nope. They're too slow

taquito2278d ago

lol....they stole the crysis gui and the awful animations of arma 2, bravo, .......i guess

ferelinstincts2278d ago

I feel you on the Crysis GUI and ArmA 2 animations but bare in mind... This is a Pre-Alpha build... The animations may become much smoother over time. :)

Azmatik2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

@irishguy95- im assuming ur one of those people that dont like the survival aspect of zombies which zombies are all about the survival aspect, i duno whats happening these days with some ppl lol wow. Go play ur left4dead shoot em up zombies.

SleazyChimp2278d ago

At least left 4 dead isn't boring. This game looks like a zombie game from 2003. You speak of survival and realism, yet the video shows killing zombies with a flash light! Come on!. Dead Island had a lot of bugs n glitches, but even it looks superior to this garb.

Irishguy952277d ago

Eh, yes I do. I play DayZ which is this game but infinitely superior judging by these vids, the zombies run in that. Why? Because they'd be too slow otherwise.

1nsomniac2278d ago

Was hoping for so much more. This looks rubbish!

seanpitt232278d ago

are we in the year 2012. :(

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