Future Shop & Best Buy Canada Gaming Deals: September 21st – 27th, 2012

Big week for trade ins as both Future Shop and Best Buy Canada are allowing you to trade in your older games for pretty much any of the many new releases this week. If a PlayStation Vita is of more interest, you’ll get a $50 gift card from either retailer.

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Relientk771950d ago

Cool Darksiders 2 is on sale

steelbook for Dishonored as well :)

gamer12321950d ago

Tried the trade 2 for Fifa and I brought black ops, mw3, mortal combat and ssx and they all wernt "eligible". BS is what that it, they were all worth 10$+

TXIDarkAvenger1950d ago

Indeed it is BS system at Future Shop and Best Buy. They were like offering less than $10 for games just over a year old. They said they only want titles that were recently released to be eligible for a trade like that.

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