TGS: Medal of Honor: Warfighter is not a Japanese game | Destructoid

Destructoid: "I totally stood in line to play Medal of Honor: Warfighter at Tokyo Game Show just so I can tweet that I did so. The idea of playing the antithesis of TGS at TGS is just too great of an ironic, kitsch activity to pass up. However, I had a pretty good time with the demo, rediscovering what I liked about the original without being reminded of the not-so-awesome parts."

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angelsx2273d ago

Another game witch is looking bad on ps3.I'm gona preorder the xbox version in this case.

DeadlyFire2273d ago

Its all word of mouth. It would be nice to see real comparison.

venom062273d ago

another stupid CoD fanboy that can't preview a FPS without mention CoD... Did he actually say "swagger" of CoD???? WTF?? GTFO fanboy..