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"Pinball may have been around since the 1700s, but the arcade game that we’ve all come to know and love didn’t surface until the 70s and early 80s. Smoke and sweat filled arcades would be lit up by the endless pinging and lit up screens of Pinball machines, complimented by the sound of coins dropping into slots alongside the more familiar arcade cabinets of Space Invaders and Donkey Kong. Now though the gleam of those silver pinballs has dulled over time and the bumper filled fun has migrated from the arcades and into the virtual realm of computers, with Microsoft’s 3D Pinball (Space Cadet) potentially being the most popular pinball game around due to being install on Windows XP. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t better options out there and Zen Pinball 2 has arrived on PS3 and PS Vita to bring you all the pinball fun you could want for free."

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Robotronfiend2250d ago

I disagree with the review including "innovation" as a grading score. This release was never intended to bring more innovation. It was a way to upgrade older tables' physics and looks while gathering all the different tables into one place. The 3/5 for gameplay? It wasn't specific to Zen 2, the reviewer just doesn't like to sit on the couch and play pinball. The game play score should be in reference to other pinball games. Is it a good PINBALL game, not just a good game - because the reviewer is admittedly biased against digital pinball from the couch. Low value? Hmmm I got some free tables from PS+ and they are still free. I bought some tables a while ago and now they recieved a free upgrade. The physics is upgraded on ALL tables, the graphics are updated on some. This was review was rather biased and incomplete.

Starfox8112250d ago

Reviews are pieces of opinion mixed with experience. It just didn't provide the draw that it really needed in comparison to that on the PS Vita. 3/5 isn't a bad score at all, it's above average and shows that it's worth a look in. As you can see from the review, you clearly have a different opinion to the reviewer and so should enjoy the game much more than they did.

Also not everyone has PS+ so it's a moot point to say it's good value because you had PS+ and got free levels via it. And that you already had levels. A lot of people will come to this with no previous levels and no PS+.

BuffMordecai2250d ago

After playing The Pinball Arcade, the ball physics feel so slow in this game.

DivineAssault 2249d ago

Not into pinball & never was.. The demo was cool tho.. I like the little animations during play