Devil Am Cry: DMC4 install time video comparison

GamesRadar: How far can we get on 360 while PS3 loads up?.

Devil May Cry 4 needs almost 5GB of hard drive space and a 20-minute install time on PS3. Needs. It doesn't mean it's not still an astonishing game, but there's no getting away from the fact you could have gotten through the tutorial, tackled the first secret mission and acquired your first special ability in the time it takes to watch that bar fill. And Capcom say it helps load times once you're in the game. Having played both versions, we really didn't notice any difference. Er... wasn't Blu-Ray supposed to make this sort of thing go away?.

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sak5003790d ago

Now that we have heard from so many reviewers about installation not making much of a difference, how about getting Capcom to come forth and tell us why exactly is it mandatory to install the game on PS3. Also why a mere 5gb takes 20mins to install and why doesnt it make much of a difference?

CAPCOM come here..

zambrota3790d ago

the loading times of INGAME MOVIES are cutscences are reduced by 3.

The ps3 version also sports a cleaner textures and better colours due to this since data is streamed from HDD at a much faster face and so you could have more SATURATED colours. PS3 version could maintain a stable FR due to higher data/sec ratio

This is also said by IGN . read their review

actas1233790d ago

CAPCOM and all other Japanese developers are not in when it comes to developing for next gen consoles.. (yet). It will take them sometime to adapt to the new situation.. At the time being, All publishers should let Americans develop for them, since they are the only ones that seem to master next gen. I am not trying to be biased or anything, but its true, there is no next gen Japanese game that is decent from all aspects so far. GT and maybe MGS 4 will be great, and therefore, the first good Japanese titles.

Qbanboi3790d ago

So, if i get the 360 version, i get to play 20 minutes earlier? But if i get the Ps3 version, i can load up faster, feels better on the controls, and also better graffics? Wow tough choice.

I think i'm going for the 360 one. Because 20 minutes, is alot of time, and .... well....i it impossible to me just CHANGE THE GOD DAMMED CHANNEL, and see MTV, CNN, or you know, check (and post) on N4G, as i always do for like 2 hours a day, while the game intall.

Yeah, i love how people find the smallest details and make big deals out of it.

Martini3790d ago

I just read the article you are mentioning and IGN says that the PS3 loading times in the game are faster but they don't say anything about what you just wrote - quote "The ps3 version also sports a cleaner textures and better colours due to this since data is streamed from HDD at a much faster face and so you could have more SATURATED colours. PS3 version could maintain a stable FR due to higher data/sec ratio" end quote.

This is a BS that you just made up. Your welcome :)

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pwnsause3790d ago

soo,whats the point of this, flamebait?

ISay3790d ago

i think its funny i have the ps3 version coming tomorrow and i cant wait to wait

gaffyh3790d ago

Who gives a crap whether the install is 20 mins or an hour? Seriously all you have to do is put the disc in and press install, it's not like you have to watch it install! Just change the channel...

cyclindk3790d ago

"i think its funny i have the ps3 version coming tomorrow and i cant wait to wait"

Better send it back otherwise you will have to stare at the screen for twenty minutes during the installation, it's can't do anything else while it is installing, if you do the game won't work...

ravinash3789d ago

People will complain about anything these days.
I got the game in the post yesterday, installed it while I went to make a cup of tea..... 20 mins later...done. Don't have to do it again.

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SeanScythe3790d ago

All I can say is a game like Uncharted which has 1 loading screen at the begining of the game. That takes no more then 3 minutes proves this was just capcom being stupid.

meepmoopmeep3790d ago

developers need to learn from Naughty Dog... one, what 45 second initial load and almost no other load time throughout the game, maps, cutscenes what have you.

i didn't mind the 20 minute install, it doesn't bother me and even the 5GB of my 160GB is nothing. it's just not needed.

ravinash3789d ago

One really, realy good point.

Mr_Kuwabara3790d ago

They should make a load screen comparison and see the "supposed" difference on the PS3's version of the game. (Still getting it for the PS3 since it's the only console I own)

cyclindk3790d ago

Seriously, that's what I'm waiting for. Let's see how much time is wasted on loading for the 360 after say fifty hours of playing to give people a good idea about it.

Dannagar3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I bought the Xbox 360 version and have been playing it for 2 days now. I had a friend bring by his PS3 version so that we could compare them. There's no difference what so ever. The load time isn't better on PS3, nor are the colors or visuals. They are the same. The only difference is that the PS3 has no rumble and that it took 20 minutes to install and took up 5 gigs (which I later deleted off my PS3).

meepmoopmeep3790d ago

wrong, my Dualshock 3 rumbles

Mr_Kuwabara3790d ago

Hehehe you and your imaginary friends segamer. You're so gullible. XP

solidt123790d ago

I have a Dualshock 3 also. It is a better contoller. Stick pads are way better, plus rumble.

Hagaf223790d ago

do you also have a fully hd tv? the game will look the same on a tv that has limited capabilities. all ps3 games should be run through hdmi to get the most out of them.

hfaze3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

You just need a DualShock3 to feel it ;-)

Pretty much every game since Ratchet & Clank has rumble (except CoD4.. What's the deal Infinity Ward?)

Even older games are getting rumble... Resistance: FoM, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword are all examples.

I have noticed how the 360 demo does suffer from occasional screen tearing, while the PS3 demo and full game do not (so far).

This just goes to show you that cross-platform games are coming out regularly now that are THE SAME (both graphics and gameplay are GREAT), and release simultaniously. Now it really doesn't matter which console (PS3 or 360) you have when it comes to cross-platform games.

Regardless, GREAT game regardless which console you play it on!

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