New unlockable swimsuit costume revealed for Tina in Dead or Alive 5

Several new screenshots, showcasing the third unlockable swimsuit costume for Tina, have been leaked online for the upcoming multiplatform title, Dead or Alive 5.

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claud32250d ago

so sad... Why on earth would you bother with this dumb title

DivineAssault 2250d ago

if u look beyond the boobs, its a great fighting game.. It has great characters, story, stage design, fighting mechanics, & online.. This game gets its attention due to boob physics being off the wall & perverted costumes but its an amazing fighting game... Its better than tekken in my opinion... This & soul calibur are great arcade fighting games.. & why call it dumb? i see your dressed in a similar manner...

FinalomegaS2250d ago

did you say "look beyond the boobs"?

i..i..can't..clicking link to see the full slideshow.

fun series but i think they tried to hard to bring the sex sells idea even if it is unintentional.

worth a rent for sure.

StraightPath2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

@claud 3

I have seen you regulary in DOA articles, somthing must be really urking you bad that you always comment in doa articles. Are you butthurt with envy or somthing and just what people to see your cloudy opinion? you know what shut up and dont comment on doa articles. your so determined to get your point cross that you dont like doa but you know what ? know one cares about you or your opinion move on with your life.

claud32250d ago

nope, just think its really sad that games like this pass of as actually games and people get a quickie out of them

Kyosuke_Sanada2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

The thing is Dead Or Alive is a great fighting game that but just has oversexualized characters for an identity that's all. It'd a unique balance that revolves around a triangle of combat (strikes counters and throws) that works similar to rock, paper, scissors but in a fast paced way.

Every new entry tries it's best to make the game as fluid as possible with very dynamic backgrounds to boot. People make fun of the sexual overtones yet there isn't a single fighting game that doesn't have breast and butt bounce physics now-a-days because of it.

Besides what fighting game isn't male dominated except for Dead Or Alive so if females are going to be the majority in a fighting game then why not make them look good.....

Klonopin2250d ago

Your avatar combined with that comment is just too much.

Bigpappy2250d ago, with their pop-up leaden site, is making light of these costumes and people who care about them enough to submit them, do so. The series is not about tits and ass. It is a very serious fighting game, one of the best on the market.

The guys, who do the art work, try to make the girls as attractive as they can. Lots of fans and the media always talk about them in a sexual manner. So, a few years back they made a volley ball game which was really an attempt to satisfy the horney teens who really wanted to have sex with these digital women. It sold well enough to warrant a bit more focus in that area, for those fans who look forward to seeing sexy images to satisfy their thirst. This actually gives the artist a great deal of pride in their work and pushes them to do their best work.

I am not here to judge, I just like the way the game plays and having the characters look this good is welcomed.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2250d ago

Hopefully they have a matching USSR swimsuit as well.

claud32250d ago

nope the series sucks big time and i would never play it again.. 1 GAME TWO MINUTES, was enough play time for me

Vortex3D2250d ago

Do you even get such type of "swimsuit" outfits if you buy the regular edition?

(If you think the "swimsuit" outfits are too distracting to play the actual game, play DOA Extreme 2 and then play DOA5. Once you have seen the girls wearing next to no clothing in DOA Extreme 2, the girls will look overly clothed in DOA5.)

vortis2250d ago

I clicked the link to appreciate her high kicks.

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