Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is confirmed for cross-buy and releases in February

"Finally! We're just learned that Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will release this coming February for both PS3 and PS Vita. The best part of the deal is that if you purchase the PS3 version, Sony's Cross-buy program means that you'll receive the PS Vita version for free. That's a - wait for it - a thieving crime."

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nrvalleytime2246d ago

This series has always been fantastic - cannot wait to play this one.

mt2246d ago

I really really hope it plays the same as the previous sly cooper series.

Abash2246d ago

I played the Sly 4 demo and can confirm it does. Cant wait for February 5th, very cool pre-order bonuses too

vork772246d ago

i agree with abash i played the demo and it just like old sly cooper

Cajun Chicken2246d ago

Oh wow! That's an unexpected release date, better finish Sly 3.

GrahamGolden2246d ago

i will pre order next week
but sony keeps these games in the shadows...they HAVE to promo these games man cmon..its a shame cause games like this deserve it

thehusbo2246d ago

Finally!! Day one buy!!

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The story is too old to be commented.