PS Vita : Games Coming in October 2012

Now that we're embarking on a new month, you may want to know more about the games coming out, This article will remind you of all the PS Vita games coming out in October..

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SandWitch2279d ago

10 Vita releases this month. Awesome.

I'm going to preorder AssCreed and Most Wanted, but I will also pick SH, King's Story and Ragnarok with a good deal later.

BTW, where's WRC3?

NewMonday2278d ago


Virtue’s Last Reward
Street Fighter x Tekken
Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

waiting for reviews before buying:
Ragnarok Odyssey
Silent Hill: Book of Memories

this will the biggest month yet for my Vita

jek72279d ago

isn't need for speed vita delayed to 2013? correct me if im wrong

psp2roundup2279d ago

That was according to a single Polish report, hasn't been confirmed yet... http://psp2roundup.blogspot... but you can add DJ Max Technika Tune to the list, http://psp2roundup.blogspot...

jek72279d ago

wew i hope its not delayed. i really want a good racing game for my vita

SandWitch2278d ago

I hope that was just a typo or something. It is my Most Wanted game. Literally

souljah452277d ago

Yeah its delayed until spring

r212278d ago

Holy Guacamelee! October's gonna be a huge month for the ps vita :O Im getting AssCreeds Lib and maybe Ragnarok Odyssey and Little Kings Story. Dang it, i need money for next month :C

ForRealz172278d ago

Great month for Vita owners. I will definitely pick up Lego:TLOTR.

TheMutator2278d ago

Please cancel that Silent Hill for Samael sake pleaseeeeee!!

souljah452277d ago

The sad thing is when this piece of crap game fails they probably wont want to make another SH game for Vita. I want an Origins 2

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