RE6 dev: “I don’t think we’re losing the horror, just because we keep action in the game”

Resident Evil 6 producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi can’t understand why people think survival horror and action are mutually exclusive, and says that balancing the two is all about how you control the player’s feeling of empowerment.

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Carl_Shocker1912d ago

My god how ignorant are these guys, can they not admit it

"and says that balancing the two is all about how you control the player’s feeling of empowerment."

But you guys arn't balancing it, theres no horror whats so ever in this game. Even Leons sections which are supposed to be the horror themed ones but it matches up to RE5s gameplay.

What RE6 have taught me is that you can't try and please everyone like they "think" they are doing, having three campaigns with differn't gameplay is ruining the series more, especialy story wise when it used to be better focusing on one/two main characters.

"“So while there’s still action, I don’t think we’re losing the horror, just because we keep action in the game.”"

But thats not what we wanted...we complained after RE5 and said stuff like the action elements and co-op had to go and you guys improved them instead and made them ten times worse.

Honestly Capcom have lost it...and the worst is with runing this franchise, DLC, locked disc content etc they never admit it, they give us crappy excuses instead

StanSmith1912d ago

RE6 dev: “I think we’re losing fans, just because we keep action in the game”


yami9301912d ago

RE6 dev: “I think we’re losing fans, just because we keep adding action in the game”


Nerdmaster1912d ago

They may be losing fans, but are winning lots more. Just look at RE 4 and 5 sales.

Don't get me wrong, I hate the direction the series is taking, but Capcom is a business company and it goes wherever the money is. And unfortunately, the money is on action games. We can expect some horror only on spin-off games like Revelations.

SilentNegotiator1912d ago

yami is right.

They aren't "keeping" the action; they're ADDING action. The pace no longer works as a horror game. If I blow 20 zombies heads off with headshots in a minute, they're no longer threatening. I already have too much adrenaline when something that really is scary comes around.

It's fundamentals, Crapcom. Learn them and stop blaming fans.

shoddy1912d ago

RE6 is now gear of war.

No more horror just run and gun.

zeeshan1912d ago

Capcom and Square Enix have disappointed us throughout this generation. These Japanese devs are losing their charm. Kojima is the brightest star these days and rightly so!

Irishguy951911d ago

There was no the demo. Even though I somewhat liked the demo...It was not scary in any way.

NatureOfLogic1911d ago

Most devs this gen are no longer for the fans. It's all business now. They know they can get away with ignoring most of their core fans.But anything to get those COD numbers. It's sad really.

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fossilfern1912d ago

I played the public demo of RE6 after being let down by the Dragons Dogma demo and the demo has put me off RE6 completely. And wtf is with that QTE when your in the police car in Leons campaign? It didnt add tension it was just anoying.

J_Cob1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

The part when you're supposed to hit the gas to drive off. I literally put the controller down to see if anything happens. Hoping the zombie on the hood busts through the windshield. Nothing. You just sit there with zombies banging on your car lol. That part reminded me of Black Ops's driving portion on the first stage as well.

It also reminded me of Black Ops' first stage when you also drive off in a car by pressing a button to reverse then go forward.

shoddy1912d ago

Ya what kind of zombie carried guns?

NukaCola1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Don't we find it amazing when millions of fans can stand there with a petition for what they want (ie Classic Resident Evil/Silent Hill gameplay or Final Fantasy VII/VIII HD) in one hand and a wad of cash in the other and some developers will still make some of the worst decisions and deliver a garbage game...then have the audacity to bitch or blame the community for poor sales? Or something lamer like saying this crap. If we want Action Horror...we have Dead Space, but RE isn't that type of game.

I think we did sort of fail ourselves when we went crazy for RE4 which was the start of the fall (Or change we no longer want) of RE in reality. Like when we said FF X was the greatest but in actuality it was the first linear FF and the beginning of the change in that franchise. Now we hate them both. I don't guys/gals...

fossilfern1912d ago

I said the exact same thing when RE4 came out. I remember going to my friend "Yeah this is good and it does have the RE characters but I don't like the way the series is going and I think it will get worse" and my friend just laughed and claimed RE4 as the best RE ever. Now I did like RE4 but it wasn't my favorite and it looks like the series wont be going back to horror any time soon

darren_poolies1912d ago

The thing is though, Dead Space can actually be scary at lot of the time. It has something RE no longer has, a great atmosphere.

s8anicslayer1912d ago

@carl I agree 100% and although RE6 seems like a decent game, it is lacking the core elements that made RE a great "HORROR" game which is what us true RE fans fell in love with!

j-blaze1912d ago

-lengthy game with 4 freaking campaigns, not to mention the unlockables, collectables, online mode etc
-dark and atmospheric
-much improved over RE5 in every way
-a more dramatic story
-Leon is back along with Chris!
-and most importantly it's developed entirely by Capcom Japan!

the terror is on global scale, there is a freaking war going on and this explains the action!
whether you like it or not, it's a Resident Evil game and it's going to be one of the best if not the best this year

Carl_Shocker1912d ago

Your making it sound like they had no choice to make a game based on a war on a global scale...pretty sure they could of kept a remote location like in RE4. They can do it....look at the RE4.5 concept art before co-op, money and ignorance is just getting in the way.


They're not Zombies as I've stated many times, even the ones in Leons campaign don't act like Zombies. They just don't end of...

-lengthy game with 4 freaking campaigns, not to mention the unlockables, collectables, online mode etc

Some levels are the same as others, like the one where Leon/Helena and Jake and Sherry meet up so re using textures and stuff more the levels would be easy since they are using them in all the campaigns. Plus this is Capcom were talking long do you think it's going to take you to complete a won't be that long

-dark and atmospheric

lol...really.....because I don't see that or even feel it in the demos.

OOOOO Leons Campaign is set in a dark place with a few flashes of lightning...yeah I;m scared alright even though I have backup, a ton of ammo, big guns, easy quick time events, a quick draw feature, health regen etc....come on man

-much improved over RE5 in every way

Thats bad because as a RE game RE5 wasn't good, they took the best parts of RE4 out of RE5.

-a more dramatic story

Yeah having a story with too many characters and makes it a good dramtic story. Not to mention characters like Helena and Piers which nobody will give a crap about like Sheva.

-Leon is back along with Chris!

and that makes it a good game

Chris has been over used latley, this should of been Leons game with Ada, the villain and maybe a partner like RE4.

-and most importantly it's developed entirely by Capcom Japan!

...they made RE5 so I wouldn't hold your breathe

Sorry but your points to defend Capcom are not very good.

HarryMasonHerpderp1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Come on dude both of the demos were complete borefests.
It's just a gears of war clone and a bad one at that.

Bad controls.
Bad camera.
Bad shooting mechanics.
Lame wrestling melee crap.
Bad cover system.
Dated gameplay.
Lame QTEs.

It's just all so bad.
It looks nice and the places and characters look cool but don't let all of that fool you it's a bad third person shooter where you go from room to room shooting "zombies" and not much else.

I wasn't a fan of RE5 or the action direction the franchise has taken in general but this wasn't even a good action game.

Most disappointing demo I have played in a long time and it's actually put me off buying the game completely.

Blastoise1912d ago

So Capcom Japan are the ones to blame for this monstrosity?

Pintheshadows1912d ago

After all the crap you gave me about liking linear 3rd person shooters, you now have the audacity to defend a linear 3rd person shooter.

HiddenMission1912d ago

Dude you troll all of the new games from Capcom and dont know anything about at all.

-not all depictions of zombies are slow moving that just walking straight lines waiting to be shot.

-none of the RE games were ever scary just created moments of tension and different events trigger different forms of tension which affect everyone different. So what you dont appreciate others will so get used to it.

-no health regen..shows you didnt play the demo at all.

-you act like you know how the story goes for each character so how can you say Piers and Helena wont be liked no one knows anything about them yet.

Bro i shut you down on every point. You dont like the game fine we get it so move on and stop trolling each and every post about the game.

Carl_Shocker1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )


No...I dont "troll" them, seriously stop throwing the troll word around because like most it's obvious you don't know the real meaning of the word, I'm just a gamer who sticks by his guns and is not blind to a companys lies like Capcoms...

What about you, you defend the crap out of Capcom and their games

From your profile

"Our mission is to fight for the gamer and the developer. Hidden Mission leads the charge for finding the truth in the gaming industry"

Yet when it comes to one of the worst companies this gen who have destoryed franchises and have given in to can't speak the truth about it and go on to cover it up. If you want to like the game fine but as a writer you should be looking at this from a gamers point of view not if you like the game or not, it's obvious from your posts that you don't get RE fans because you either didn't care for the old RE games that much or didn't play them at all yet find the new ones now appealing because of the changes.

-not all depictions of zombies are slow moving that just walking straight lines waiting to be shot.

But in RE thats what they were, thats how they were established...

-none of the RE games were ever scary just created moments of tension and different events trigger different forms of tension which affect everyone different. So what you dont appreciate others will so get used to it.

They were scary, don't be one of those who tries and act all hard because they were and it wasn't just because of the atmosphere or tension of being in a quiet room it was the fear of enemies quickly coming round corners or busting out of windows/doors, the lack of ammo when in a room full of Zombies or boss fights, lack of heatlh when facing tyrants, the moment when you are going to die and you know you havent saved recently, when Nemesis bursts out of nowhere and starts charging at can you feel like that with all the new gimmicks that make it too easy.

-no health regen..shows you didnt play the demo at all.

Demo or not it's still in the final game, they've said so themselfs. I never noticed since it was so easy to playthrough I never once worried about my health

-you act like you know how the story goes for each character so how can you say Piers and Helena wont be liked no one knows anything about them yet.

I kind of do because they've shown so much off for it since it was announced I mean I basicaly have seen half the game because of them and in every thing I've seen I never cared for Helena, Jake or Piers, just like Sheva.

Come on your trying too hard

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WeskerChildReborned1912d ago

Sometimes i wonder if Capcom trolls us.

cogniveritas1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

This is a great "Metal Resident Duty: Solid Call of Evil Gear" game.

jamesensor1912d ago

I love to see the apologists trying to force us to accept sub-standard gaming quality. It really says it all... It's becoming common practice nowadays with these major companies.

ballzdeep1912d ago

Loved re1, played it to death
Re2 was just more of the same, but still enjoyed it and finished it
Nemesis lost me halfway through, uncompleted
Re4, what can i say, it BLEW ME AWAY
Re5 improved on 4 in EVERY way, the addition of co-op was perfect
Re6 demo has me impatiently awaiting oct 2nd

Horror is completely subjective, but one things for sure Capcom is still doing something right

Oh and
LOL! at you carl. You quoted the title and description in your comment. You obviously didnt even bother to read the article. Your bias is transparent
Epic Fail!

Carl_Shocker1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

"Re5 improved on 4 in EVERY way, the addition of co-op was perfect"

I mean to say RE5 improved on everything from RE4 is just BS.

RE5 can't even compare it's self to just can't, it was terrible compared to it.

Your bias is obsessed RE fan who thinks every RE is the next best thing and is obviously going to defend it.

So what if it was in the article intro bit, it was the quote I wanted to talk about...big deal why try and make something out of it your just being immature.

I mean to say RE5 improved on everything from RE4 ¬¬

...oh yeah I "Epic Fail" on your part.

dark-hollow1912d ago

"Re5 improved on 4 in EVERY way, the addition of co-op was perfect"

i seriously disagree with this.
especially the broken CO-OP ai. really, playing on harder difficulties while baby-sitting this brick of an AI is a true nightmare!

sure, when playing with another person those problems are gone but why do i need another player to avoid their crappy shiva AI?

Irishguy951911d ago

RE4 >>>>>> RE5.

I don' even have to explain, RE5 had better graphics. The combat was the same except Co op Ruined it. Other than that, literally every single thing was worse

TheDivine1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Theres no horror? I didnt realise the game released already i better go pick up a copy.

I will decide AFTER i play it. TBH though, i dont give a shit whether its "horror" or not. I want a good RE game. That doesnt mean i will only accept fixed camera angles, horrible controls, slow ass zombies, and jump scares like dogs jumping through windows. Oh i forgot live action shots and horrible acting. That WAS RE, its eveolved beyond that. Yes the REmake was good but i still prefer 4 myself (and Revelations). RE is whatever they say it is, for the dev to decide. I like the series and cant wait.

When did gamers become so entitled and whiny? Instead of excitement over a new game in a series they love they either

A) Bitch because its the same formula (ex. COD)

B) Bitch because its not the same formula (ex. RE)

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Ouch,, i meant to disagree. Sorry :/

lol anyways i felt obligated to tell you that you're COMPLETELY missing the point. People aren't pissy that we lost "fixed camera angles" or "bad acting" (last time i checked most VG acting back then was mediocre at best), People are pissed because it handles like a generic move from point A to point B shooter. I'll admit i saw a tiny throw back of the Re4 atmosphere in Leon's chapter. But Jake & Chris's chapters were purely running & gunning without any sort of atmosphere whatsoever. I can tell right off the bat though that this RE installment won't have a scary atmosphere at all if Leon's story is supposed to be the classic one, it's safe to say this is going to be a very action heavy RE. Leon's chapter was literally the only one with any kind of atmosphere whatsoever (dark & brooding). Chris & Jake's chapter's atmosphere was completely dead (no pun intended). I wish my opinion would change, i love anything RE (Even Dead aim). But i just couldn't get into it. Every time i'd fall my AI partner would be right there to save me. Every time i went up to an infected creature it took out a knife and tried to shank me, or gun me down. There wasn't much fear of death. The times i did die i would usually restart so close to where i died. There was no real i dunno "penalty?" for death like in the first 4 RE's were you be forced to save at a typewriter (and use your limited ink ribbons wisely) and that was your "checkpoint". Those moments where you are wounded, there are no herbs in sight, NO HEALTH REGEN!! and you have 2 bullets left. Those moments where your surrounded and barely clinging to life, it's those near death adrenaline rushes that i and most "whiny" RE fans miss the most...... Enjoy your shoot out.

whoyouwit041912d ago

you people complain way to much, instead of being grateful for the things they are tring to give you
you find more to complain about. I mean do you people have lives that you get that bother that the game is not what you excactly imagined. you wanted zombies and you got them. you say this game is not scary, I don't know how old you are but if you are a grown ass man then you are not going to be scared anyways, so they have no chice but to add action to keep you intrested. look im not tring to sound bitchy or anything but you peole really need to be more considerate of the develepors these people spend months no years of there lives developing a game for you and you think you can just say what ever you want, I can say this because my brother is going to school for game developement and he showed me a little bit of the things they do, Do you know how long it takes just to make one character? if you did you wouldn't bitch the way you are doing. I'm sorry if I upset you but I'm just being real.

The Rock Bottom1911d ago

Jamesensor just posted something about fellas like you....

"I love to see the apologists trying to force us to accept sub-standard gaming quality. It really says it all... It's becoming common practice nowadays with these major companies."

Unlimax1911d ago

RE Fans .. Those developers are no longer being Creative and smart , Ignore them Perhaps they feel remorse about it ~

Greed and money blind their insight .

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Godmars2901912d ago

If your jump-scares are non-interactive cutscenes and not active events, then you've lost the horror.

Dogs suddenly jumping through a window to attack you, a corpse you've past a couple of times which reaches for you on the third, Nemesis bursting out an alleyway turning a cautious walk into a boss fight - that's horror.

soundslike1912d ago

Thats only half of it. The horror comes from being weak, but when you're just catering to peoples power fantasies then you've already lost.

cogniveritas1912d ago

They need some new people for "being weak". The main cast is too experienced now. Leon is skilled enough to be entrusted to save the President's daughter. Chris has a giant BSAA squad, and along with everyone else who has the maneuverability of MGS4s Old Snake, fighting zombies is all in a day's work. Even if those zombies now use firearms and know squad tactics.

StanSmith1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

What i don't understand is how they managed to screw RE6 up.

I enjoyed RE5. It wasn't as good as previous games, but it was still enjoyable. Then I played Revelations. After finishing it, I felt sure Capcom were getting back on track with the franchise. Revelations had more scares than RE 4 & 5 combined. Then I played the RE6 demo...

It's awful. The game just feels totally meh. It feels nothing like a Resident Evil game. It just feels like your average third-person shooter. There is nothing redeeming about it whatsoever.

This is coming from someone who enjoyed Operation Raccoon City too. RE6 went from day 1 to preorder cancelled.

fossilfern1912d ago

YES STAN! I agree I played revelations and I did feel that Capcom were going the right way. I didnt like the fact you had someone following you the whole time but I was looking forward to RE6 until this demo. Not interested anymore.

Summons751912d ago

Jump scares to begin with do not count as horror. True horror is getting inside the player's head and making them think that something is right behind them or making them fear the unknown. Resident Evil since the first game has never been scary. They have been really good (minus the controls of the first 3 games) and really fun but I have never once been scared by them, especially when you have tons of ammo and health in your pocket to protect you.

I love Resident Evil since I played the first game as a kid but people's crying about there not being horror is silly because they are looking at the older games with nostalgia goggles. Did I jump at the dogs when they came through the window? Sure, but I can walk into a room scream bloody murder and people will jump but that dose not make that scary it means they were not expecting it.

Kyosuke_Sanada1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Which scenario required you to think more before you you shoot, a theatre where you have a set amount of ammunition and saves or a game that has checkpoints and pinata enemies?

And after you answer that which took more effort to kill a zombie without controls being the issue. Imagine Resident Evil 4 engine but with enemies that had not only have the health of the original Resident Evil zombies (about 10 or more slices to kill without reacting to being knifed in the head only the legs and not being able to be hit several feet away) and the same amount of damage done to player (three bites and you were usually dead).

I think my latter scenario en masse would be a a better SURVIVAL horror game in my opinion.

Godmars2901912d ago

How does a game "get inside a player's head" by having crowds of enemies, a chain gun and unlimited ammo? Guys with chainsaws lumbering towards you who you know are going to kill you with one hit in a drawn out gory scene?

Like Soundslike said its putting the player on edge with limited ammo and resources. Establishing rules early in the game that establish safety, then breaking or taking them away later.

We're talking about aspects of Horror. Aspects which Capcom seem to either be ignoring or aren't aware of as they try to appeal to the COD crowd.

ritsuka6661912d ago

I feel sorry for Shinji Mikami. That guy gave us RE4,RE3 and others RE... and shit of Crapcom ruined you franchise dude... i feel sorry for you Shinji-san =/

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GrahamGolden1912d ago

omg crapcom STILL blindly retarded

Kyosuke_Sanada1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Perks, German suplexes and enemies dropping ammo single handedly render his answers null and void. Resident Evil Outbreak was more horror than Resident Evil 6 and that HAD co-op.

shodan741912d ago

Yeah, yeah, whatever...