PS3 Super Slim Could Be A Super Stumble

(GamesIndustry International) Chris Morris argues that Sony is shooting itself in the foot by not lowering prices this holiday.

Rumors about the redesigned system have been around since E3. But Sony's decision to price the new entry-level system at a point that's $20 higher than the current low-end PS3 was downright baffling.

While the Superslim PS3 is still priced lower than the Wii U, Sony opted to bypass an opportunity to boost its market share this holiday. To put it another way: new form factors are all well and good, but at this point in the game - and in the current economic climate - people are making decisions based on price.

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NYC_Gamer2279d ago

Sony doesn't feel any pressure right now.That could change if the Wii-U really picks up steam and outsells PS3 every month.

TongkatAli2279d ago

Wii U is going to be sold out for months.

NewMonday2279d ago

it is cheaper for the 12g model in Europe

also 500g with AC3/FIFA and PSN+ is great value

Ju2278d ago

The question for Sony simply is what is the gain with a lower price. How many more units must they sell to offset the loss due to the lower price - even with reduced production costs. And especially because of the WiiU I doubt no matter what Sony does, it cannot compete against a new platform. And even if, how much would the install base actually grow to earn more due to the bigger market share. I doubt neither will happen for Sony; the PS3 will slow down. It's just end of life for the PS3 - even if it will be around for a couple more years. Install base is big enough; selling new models even in numbers won't have a huge impact on SW sales this late in the PS3s life cycle.

This is a transition model, no doubt about it. Reducing manufacturing costs is the target not selling more. Selling more with a lower margin needs to offset that margin elsewhere. But, making it competitive from a business model gives Sony more headroom for the PS4. I like that idea; I want a top end PlayStation next. And if that takes a little longer that's fine with me. I might get a WiiU in-between or simply wait.

Unfortunately. I would like to see at least a $199 model. But that's because that might be nice for a second Netflix box where I can also play games...;) Guess not Sony's primary market.

Hellsvacancy2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

I dont like the new slim, id rather a more better looking machine than a fugly looking cheap thing

Its good Sony is saving a little money, but at what cost? they should of gone the whole hog and made the entire PS3 of cheap plastic, they would of saved loads of money then

I mean, its the same price as what weve got now, just cheaper looking, thats not logic to ME as a consumer

Cheaper product.....cheaper price

donniebaseball2279d ago

They're already outsold every month by Xbox 360. It was really stupid for them not to lower some prices with this announcement.

refocusedman2279d ago

At this point I doubt that they care abt the 360. The console race for Sony is no longer against Nintendo and ms; Sonys fight is against the economic climate and improving profitability. Ms can outsell them by a ton and it wouldnt matter as long as they move towards digging themselves out of the red.

Ryo-Hazuki2279d ago

In the U.S that's correct but world wide this year that's very far from the truth. Sony is just trying to maximize profits this holiday season because next year they will have to drop the prices in preparation for the PS4. MS has always had the pricing edge this gen because quite frankly it's much cheaper to manufacture a 360 than a PS3. The PS3 is going to sell very well world wide during the holidays. Why don't people ever call out MS for selling that 4GB 360 for $200. A damn DVD console that has only 4 gigs is only $70 cheaper than the 250GB PS3 bundle. Of course it's cheaper so it will sell but that's still a major rip off.

Dms20122278d ago

Why don't people ever call out MS for selling that 4GB 360 for $200?

They have and they do, where have you been?

wishingW3L2279d ago

from where are you getting your info? Because last I checked the PS3 has been outselling the Xbox since 2009. Or how else do you think the 8 million gap was reduced to 2? You can't do that by selling less you know, this is only common sense.

I think you're confusing the NPD and thinking that is represents the world but that's just the charts for North America where the Xbox's winning by a 14 million lead.

Ryo-Hazuki2279d ago Show
kikizoo2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Exactly, but they are in total denial since ps3 sold better, and have more, better (graphismes and gameplay) exclusives ;)

"Sony has a history of removing other features during it's revisions like BC and OS. I can't think of a single feature that MS has removed over the years."

roflmao...sure, ps3 had almost all ms add at launch, for free ! (+ bluray, free online, pad with battery, etc etc) denial poor sheeps..

Sinner101GR2279d ago

I still don't get why they made this past preparation for the launch of PS4....I'm betting they think they will be making a ton of sales in emerging markets, and want something that is affordable to those markets, much like what we saw with the PS2 for the past 10 years.

That's just my bet.

SoapShoes2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Oh please... They were doing great this year already and were bound to do so this holiday, as if a revision is really going to cause them to stumble... It's only a redesign and both versions add way more value than the current models.

$20 more for the low end one but you get two games, ps plus, and more hdd as opposed to nothing. Upper end gets awesome NEW game bundled with it and 180 more gigs as opposed to being bundled with an old game.

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