Circle Pad Pro for 3DS XL spotted at TGS, we go hands-on | engadget


Nintendo is starting to make a habit of quietly releasing products at trade-shows they don't attend. Kyoto's premiere gaming outfit still isn't present on the TGS show floor, but Capcom has once again seen fit to trot out the firm's latest kit: The Circle Pad Pro for 3DS XL. Just like last year's model, this beefy cradle puts the already large 3DS XL outside the realm of pocket-ability, trading the handheld's slim profile for a luxuriously thick grip. Indeed, the fatty accessory makes the console quite comfortable to hold, adding a smooth, slightly contoured back, larger shoulder buttons and, of course, that all important starboard analog pad.

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-______- why didnt they just integrate it in the first place? smfh....