Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Beta Opens Early October, Only On 360

Thanks to an official press release, we now know the details of the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta and an exclusive unlocking event for 360 players that involves Linkin Park.

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PrimeLantern2223d ago

I'd rather have Bad Company 3.

Fishy Fingers2223d ago

Quite looking forward to this, hoping it sits somewhere between COD and BF. Shame the betas exclusive, but then this gen has twisted the whole concept of a beta, more like a glorified demo.

Agent_hitman2223d ago

Inb4 RE6 demo was only shown or exclusive on 360, and now this?!.

I wonder how much did MS payed to get this exclusives from 3rd party publishers?..

This is insane!, utterly ridiculous.. They already forgotten about fair competitions

Frankfurt2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

You must live in another reality, because the one i live in has this shit going on since the SNES days.

Sony does it with AC, Nintendo is doing it on the Wii U, they all do it. Stop whining.

Lvl_up_gamer2223d ago

Since when should competition be fair?

If I wanted to sell a product to make as much money as a business, why should I have to care about my competitors? I am out for business for myself, not be "fair" so that my product has to suffer or my customers have to suffer because I have to help my competition make money.

vividi2223d ago

well, the last one was ps3 only, I don't see the problem

KMCROC2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

You ever consider that sometimes developers are the one's to offer up some kind of incentive in prior deal or maybe for an Exchange of certain software items. I never assume it's always MS , yes they have cash but don't think they just give it a way.

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Blastoise2223d ago

More stupid Microsoft shenanigans. Nobody with a PS3 is going to buy an Xbox just to play a beta. Same goes for early DLC. Make some new games already and stop messing about with crap like this

JBSleek2223d ago

So do you call out Sony when they do exclusive timed things as well or you just pick out Microsoft because you hate them. I think it is the latter.

KMCROC2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Nobody with a PS3/360 is going to buy a Wii U just to play Bayonetta 2, sounds like the Shenanigans Nintendo hope work after the sign of a multi-platform game turned Exclusive.

ChunkyLover532223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Do you ever consider that Microsoft isn't trying to lure people into buying an Xbox 360 for a simple beta, but instead want to reward loyal Gold Members with a little something? I don't think Microsoft does much with the intent to get people over to their side as far as timed exclusive content goes, but I think they like to thank their customers with content.

That's not to say they don't do things like secure Call Of Duty maps first to help persuade people to buy the game on the Xbox 360 instead, I think a good majority of core gamer's have both a PS3 and Xbox 360, so it could sway a buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.