Destructoid Preview: A day of Halo 4 turned me into a believer

Destructoid: "Before driving up to Kirkland, Washington for a day trip to 343 Industries, I questioned whether I was mentally prepared to get (even potentially) invested in three more main-series Halo games. As it turns out, there's nothing to worry about; Halo 4 is in very capable hands. We're in for a treat."

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stuna12277d ago

I am not a advid Halo player, but this game looks wonderful! I never thought that anyone other then the original developers could do this game justice! But I'm very happy to say I was wrong....

Shadonic2277d ago

Yea i im glad your able to see that this games gonna be great. I'm sick of seeing these proclaimed hardcore halo fans saying the games gonna suck when every other hardcore halo fan thats actually had a chance to play the game has come back loving it even in its undone state. people also need to realize that theres still bungie developers working on the game and also do some research on 343 and the game before saying there gonna fail at what there doing.

bubblebeam2276d ago


Suprised that an idiot with a chev badge can see this.
That is too say, most with chev badges are tryhards rocking stockies.

Halo 4 looks amazing so far, and anyone who can't see that is in denial. No other FPS series can touch Halo, that is a fact.

SonyNGP2276d ago

I only managed to get my hands on the multiplayer today, but it was fun as hell!

3-4-52276d ago

I'm still more excited for Black Ops 2, but after playing Reach this last week I can't wait to play Halo with no Armor Lock.

And actual good maps....hopefully

bubblebeam2276d ago

Halo reach had some of the worst maps I have ever seen. Those countless forge world ones that were made by a blind-folded buffoon in 5 minutes were an absolute disgrace.

Out of 20-30 maps in reach, I only enjoyed like 3 or 4.
Flip around to Gears 3, and I loved pretty much all of them.

I think the faster paced play style of Halo 4 will make the maps seem better anyways. Glad to see that the fuel rod cannon/gun isn't so slow now. New weapons are massive help also.