Ubisoft releases new Far Cry 3 survival video – “Top of the Food Chain”

"Ubisoft's new video for Far Cry 3 is, in my opinion, perhaps the best video yet. Each video showcases more of the open-world exploration we've grown to love from the series."

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x8002272d ago

cant wait for this to come out :)

Studio-YaMi2272d ago

A great game for sure,getting it day one :D !

XB1_PS42272d ago

Looks fun as hell! I want to see more of how the animals are integrated in.

Statix2272d ago

I've been a huge Far Cry fan for years; this video looks amazing. It really harkens back to the good old days of the first game back in 2004. I'm still debating whether to get this on PC, or the PS3 (my favorite system).

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