Legasista Review | The Game Scouts

"Western games have peaked in the last decade, with each new franchise revolutionizing graphics, gameplay, and bringing the world of gaming closer to cinema. Games like Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, and Skyrim have opened doors to possibilities that I could never have imagined as a gamer growing up. But, there are times when I reminisce the days of ZELDA, Secrets of Mana, and Dragon Warrior, times when I wonder where all the quirky Japanese titles have gone - times when I’m glad for games like Legasista. This title serves as a reminder of a genre that shaped the industry, a trip down memory lane to fundamental gaming elements that bred life to video games we know today. What you’ll notice right away is the Japanese charm that envelops Legasista, a nostalgic nod to 90’s gaming humor and an artistic style that anyone who’s ever played old school RPGs will immediately embrace. "
-Tin Salamunic, The Game Scouts

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