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"Sleeping Dogs is one of the best action games of the year - and arguably one of the strongest sandbox titles out there. With its combination of realistic and arcade-like gameplay, a strong narrative that’s supported by excellent voice acting, and a beautifully crafted interpretation of Hong Kong, it raises the standards for a genre that’s desperate for creativity. And if you’re like me and you’ve watched Jackie Chan’s Crime Story over 20 times, then this might be the best thing that’s happened to gaming in years."
-Tin Salamunic, The Game Scouts

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Iveyboi2276d ago

Inflated review scores are inflated. This gen has negated the influence and importance of review scores. 9.5?!!? Last gen, and the one before it 8 was a GREAT score. Now I see 8.5 on Borderlands and wonder if it's good or not.

Captain Qwark 92276d ago

REVIEWS ARE OPINIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its impossible to have an inflated review score. example: dark souls is a 10 for me but i know a few people who dont like it at all, ask them and its a 2. many many people ( esp on this site ) would give uncharted 2 a 10, its about an 8 for me.

too human was almost unanimously hated by critics, averaged like 5, i loved it and would have given it an 8.

Reviews=Opinions....simple as that, they will vary greatly. play the games your curious about yourself and form your own

Iveyboi2276d ago

While I agree with your overall argument I have to disagree on the score basis. A review score, like it or not, is a relative concept. When a game is given a 10, that means that it is the best game ever released in that particular genre and it cannot really be improved upon.
There have been countless articles/discussions about how review scores are becoming irrelevant due to the inflation this generation and it started with GTA4.
I don't read much into review scores unless there is severe cricism from gamers, reviewers, bloggers, etc (for example mindjack) I just dislike seeing every game get 8.5-9.5 scores nowadays.

Captain Qwark 92276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

the "concept" of a review is merely to offer ones thoughts on a certain game which usually boils down to whether or not the author would suggest someone else play it.

i think what your trying to say is there is some sort of standardization to reviews. And in all my time gaming and reading reviews id say the generally accepted standardization for reviews is prob something like this.......lets say 10=perfect, 9=amazing, 8=great, 7=above average, 6=average, 5=below average, 4=poor, 3=bad, 2=abysmal, 1=unplayable.....

but here is the thing, your definition of "perfect" becomes an opinion rather than fact. what is perfect to you is not perfect to me. so on and so forth. not to troll on uncharted but it is a good example and one people on this site will relate to becuase id say its widely accepted by the n4g community as the best game that said, many people think its perfect, i on the other hand think it is merely okay and lacks any type of depth and underneath its excellent production values and presentation is a very mediocre third person shooter.

so unless there is some standardization that is much deeper than simply 10=perfect and literally a list of rules/guidelines that a game must meet in order to be "perfect" is formed, reviews are nothing more than opinions and therefore can never be considered inflated

also to answer your last thought, imo borderlands 2 is very good. id give it a 9 simply because while the story improved, i still find the storylines in all the quest a little hard to follow. other than that its pretty amazing, id recommend everyone give it a shot, fans of the first buy it, and those who did not like the first to stay away from it

ballzdeep2275d ago

Youre both right, but...
The problem as i see it is the fact that sometimes ppls opinions are NOT their opinions

Let me explain.
Its simple really: bias.

On one hand you might have someone who loves a franchise so much that, because of anticipation and hyperbole, has already decided in his mind that its a 10 long before hes even played the game, then scores it as such before hes even finished the first chapter/mission.

On the other you might have someone who wants to discredit the game and see it fail simply because its on a rival console, or is being published by a company who is currently out of favor (Capcom being a good example here) and scores it low.

Therefore, by definition, both cease to be opinions since instead they become bias reviews driven by personal agenda.

The only solution: play the games and decide for yourself

TheGameScouts2276d ago

By no means is the score inflated. You're getting more value for your money from this game than from most AAA titles that come out these day, and comparatively to the genre, it's one of the strongest, and most fun titles out there. I think GTA IV receiving a 10 is an inflated score. The game had poor gameplay mechanics, an unacceptable frame rate. below HD resolution, and in my opinion was an 8.5 - it was great, but certainly not "perfect".

Sleeping Dogs exceeded expectations. No one expected much from the title due to its rough development cycle, but it turned out to be better than what most overhyped titles offer these days. Look at Saints Row The Third. It was overhyped and terrible compared to its excellent predecessor.

Also, you have to realize this is a new IP, so the game should get extra points for managing to fight it's way through established franchises that have overthrown the market.