Why you probably won't play my best game of 2012

CVG: It's got no guns, no cars and no space marines - but Andy Hartup admires it more than any other game this year

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ZoyosJD2245d ago

I will never play basketball in any form ever again and I've got 220,000 reasons not to. That sport cost me a $20,000 surgery and a $200,000 scholarship.

dirthurts2245d ago

I'm sorry to hear that you were hurt, but I'm pretty sure the sport isn't to blame.
Injuries happen, and sports raise that risk.
If you wreck your car, are you never going to drive again?
Some of the most amazing things in my life have caused me some pretty serious pain, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying them.

ZoyosJD2245d ago

"I'm pretty sure the sport isn't to blame."

Ironic name...but anyway "wrecks" are legally the direct cause of someone else's lack of capability, while "accidents" in a sport are not.

Its not the sport, but the expectations of who pays for "accidents".

If you caused this and weren't legally accountable would you ever be able to play again knowing that you ****ed up someones education, lifestyle, and opportunities and it might happen again at any point in a game?

Bathyj2245d ago

Yeah dude. I appreciate your drama, but some chick broke my heart. Doesnt mean I'll never love again.

smashman982245d ago

Really cool article makes me wanna play

3-4-52245d ago

best game? doubt it. It's probably going to be good though.

ChunkyLover532245d ago

Don't you worry, I'll be playing the best game this year...Halo 4!