Enjoy 15 minutes of Soul Sacrifice action

Sony Japan has put up a couple of hefty trailers/tutorials explaining how to play Soul Sacrifice (in Japanese naturally) but still worth a peek. Sure, the game is delayed to Spring next year, which probably means Autumn for the West, but it still looks a corker.

Note, there are two videos, check the story for the other one.

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TheLastGuardian2214d ago

I have this pre-ordered. Vita has some sick looking games coming soon.

shammgod2214d ago

Agreed! I just preordered the AC Liberation white vita because they continue to bring on great games and I don't see an end to it.

Soul Sacrifice looks phenomenal!

NewMonday2214d ago

and this one is literary sick looking (in a good way)

TronEOL2214d ago

This game looks absolutely amazing. I just want to see more on how you make your character, or how adventuring and questing works.

I hope it's the Vita's answer to Monster Hunter. Since we clearly aren't getting that anytime soon.

boybato2214d ago

this will eat monster hunter!

tack1292214d ago

Character creation is shown in the first video from that link.

Man the more footage I see from this game the more I want it.

wanieldiik2214d ago

this looks so sweet! Any words on the release date yet?

boybato2214d ago

first quarter next year.... though that's for japan.

wanieldiik2214d ago

aw crap. that probably means that it will release in the west a couple of months after.

majiebeast2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

So glad that Inafune is back doing what he loves most making games, leaving Capcom best decision ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.