Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Is Very Metal Gear

IGN - Raidens new mission is substantial, awesome, and very Metal Gear.

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j-blaze2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

if you still hate this game don't call yourself a Metal Gear fan

BiggCMan2070d ago

That's a lot of bull, and here's why. Everyone has opinions, perhaps someone doesn't like this type of game in general, without even looking at the title. Your comment comes off as "everyone must like this game or you are not a Metal Gear fan". Bullshit. I think by now, all the serious fans understand that it's just a spin-off, at least a lot of people I know, including myself.

The game looks good, and the newest trailer showing a bit more of the story was very good. But saying this game is Metal Gear is still a load of bull from IGN, because it's not. At it's core, it's still a hack and slash like Platinum always does, but there's nothing wrong with that, they are trying something different.

With the demo/announcement of Ground Zeroes however, I feel this game will quickly lose interest to the fans who have been waiting for the next real game in the series after Peace Walker.

Knight_Crawler2070d ago

@BigCmAN - Thats the difference with being a loyal fan and a rabbid fam.

Loyal fans would applaud this move of making a spin off on a different genre so more people can enjoy MGS...belive it or not there are some people who like the MG universe but are hack n slash fans as well.

Its not like Konami is not giving you guys MGS5 and forcing you to buy this game...just be happy that other people are excited to play it instead of moaning about it.

Irishguy952070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

Sick of people using this argument "With the demo/announcement of Ground Zeroes however, I feel this game will quickly lose interest to the fans who have been waiting for the next real game in the series after Peace Walker."

I've been waiting for a true MGS after Peace walker. As MGS is my favorite series, however I also can't wait for this game because it looks amazing. It's as simple as that, just because this game is called Metal gear does not make it look anything less than it is. This game looks amazing.

Really, it's quite sad that Metal Gear rising is actually taking heat because it's called Metal gear.

Edit---Also, I don't agree with IGN, but I rarely do either way

WeskerChildReborned2069d ago

I don't see why some of the true fans are hating, it's just a spin off, their will still be a MGS Ground Zeroes and a MGS5.

Outside_ofthe_Box2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

But they can call themselves Metal Gear 'Solid' fans right?

DigitalRaptor2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

I'm shocked at how good of a job they seem to have done here. I'm definitely gonna be picking it up at some point. I think people just need to lose their expectations of it being a Metal Gear Solid game. It's set after MGS4 so doesn't affect any storyline in between earlier games, if that is anyone's problem. Have they said it's canon? I don't really care cause I'm not treating it as such.

It's not like Capcom is doing by shaping a bad future for the Resident Evil series with their main entries. It's a spin-off. Ground Zeroes will continue the MGS legacy.

And no j-blaze. Again exuding your ignorance and hatred for people that don't share your tastes. Any game developed under the MG name could be crap, but you would still lap it up. That's your problem, yet you still have the cheek to critisize Naughty Dog fanboys. smh!!!

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yesmynameissumo2070d ago

So because Raiden uses a codec and there's alert states, it's Metal Gear? He even said it's Metal Gear because of alternate weapons. Haha, wha? Where does IGN find these people? It's not canon, it's not Kojima, it's not Metal Gear. That's not a dig at the game, it's a reality. Doesn't mean it won't be fun, awesome even, but MG: Ground Zeroes is a true Metal Gear game.

Sevir2070d ago

And it takes place 4 years after the events of Guns of the Patriots. So what if it isn't snake. He is isn't the only character of the Metal Gear Universe, Last I remember Raiden in his Cyborg Ninja form was a prominent character throughout MGS4.

You're right it isn't metal gear Solid, but it was never meant to be, Solid Snake is no longer the Main character, Raiden is Far more invasive versus Solid Snake who is evasive!

LOL_WUT2070d ago

Sorry but Solid Snake>Raiden

yesmynameissumo2069d ago

It's not canon. It's in the Meta Gear universe, but has nothing to do with the Solid series. Kojima producing is not the same as Kojima directing. Also, there's a "touch" of stealth. All that said, I'm interested in checking it out. I'm just sick of outlets claiming it's something it isn't. Let it and the skill of Platinum Games speak for itself.

Sevir2069d ago

People only say Snake because that's all they ever played with through out the MGS franchise with the exception of 2.

And once again its Canon, it may not have Solid in its title now, but it did when it was announced. Producers product is still his, which means he gives the executive desicions of what content gets in the game. After all he's the fucking writer of the script and the final say. The director just makes sure the green lighted content on the script translates the best way to silver screen and media.

Don't sit there and call it non canon when it picks up 4 years after the events in the solid franchise, Guns of the Patriots, which is canon to the metal gear universe and Solid snake story. People are still trying to discredit this game because you aren't crawling around and choking people with snake so its not metal gear? Lol, if you say so. But its every bit as metal gear as the previous, because Kojima is wrote the story and is producing the game while Platinum is developing.

I don't know how people could sit there and think Kojima would just hand his universe and characters over to some other studio and not have a hand in its relevance to what he created. Fans are so easily dismissive when they feel they are entitled.

yesmynameissumo2069d ago

I'll stand and say it's not canon then. I don't care how long after MGS 4 it takes place, it's not canon. It's not the Solid universe, period. Throwing a Metal Gear battle in the mix doesn't make it canon. Etsu Tamari is the writer, so before you spout anymore misinformation, look up what it is you're talking about.

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Fez2069d ago

I think it's a joint venture with kojima productions doing the story and platinum games the gameplay ( correct me if I'm wrong ). So if that's the case it definitely is canon. Just not solid snake canon.

I'm loving the look of rising, looking forward to it more than ground zeroes...if only because it'll be out much sooner!

CarlosX3602069d ago

The best part is, even if you're ripping this guy a new one - it IS very Metal Gear. It features a Metal Gear to battle against. The new trailer shown at TGS shows Raiden fighting a Metal Gear. OMG indeed.

RyuX192068d ago

Dude it's canon they've already said it's canon. Metal Gear is the universe and Metal Gear Solid is a part of that universe and so is Metal Gear Rising. Two different games, all part of the same story.

If you don't like it then you can either deal with it or stop playing the games.

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Blastoise2070d ago

Don't know too much about the MG games, only completed Snake eater. But having watched the new trailer last night I don't think it looks very metal gear at all...

majiebeast2070d ago

The reason its called metal gear is brand recognition just look at other games that do this.

-Bioshock infinite
-LBP karting
-Resident evil operation raccoon city
Among others.

Not saying the game ont be good but the reason it carries the name metal gear is solely for selling the product.

violents2070d ago

I loved every metal gear game ive played except for MGS2 guns of the patriots because you have to be that whiny raiden character for over half the game.

Raiden sucks, cyborg ninja or not hes prob still whiny.

CarlosX3602069d ago

Oh hell no you didn't.

Raiden was [email protected]$$ in MGS4..!

violents2068d ago

Perhaps, but i was refering to mgs2 not 4. And he was a whiny bastard in 2.

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