Mirror's Edge heading to PSN this month

Mirror's Edge is set to return. Although a much-anticipated sequel is yet to be announced, DICE will re-release the original game on September 25th in North America.

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Dark_Overlord1908d ago

And whats the betting it'll receive a stupidly high price? I can buy a boxed version for £5 brand new, how is EA going to beat that?

HarryMasonHerpderp1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

So true. I would pick this up for £5 though but somehow I don't think it will be priced that reasonably. Did you know they are charging £57.99 for SSX on PSN? it's actually insane and if you buy it you deserve to be beaten up with your PS3 and never allowed to play videogames again.

TreMillz1908d ago

Dont know bout you EU guys, but its guarenteed a $20 price tag in the US store, why would EA have it so on XBL and hike it on PSN, just saying

Knight_Crawler1908d ago

What the hell happend to Mirrors Edge 2? It sold descent ans got great reviews so not sure why EA did not make part 2 - Nintendo should buy the ip from EA and publish on the Wii U.

Perjoss1908d ago

this is why they are so keen to get rid of physical media, that way there wont be any old stock lying around going for cheap, games will just sit on a server for high price because you can't get it from anywhere else.

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sandman2241908d ago

I can see this game being a ps+ tittle.

DJ1908d ago

Guys, buy it. It's awesome (assuming they price below $20)

ab5olut10n1908d ago

I might, and I've still got my original copy.

jerethdagryphon1908d ago

Mirrors edge one of my top 5 this gen loved it pure time trials made me happy

Hicken1908d ago

I've got a copy, but it's not mine. I need to get a bigger HDD, though. Something like 1TB.