Alpha Protocol 2 is "not something we could do through Kickstarter", says Obsidian

Alpha Protocol 2 isn't going to happen according to Obsidian's Chris Avellone. The studio has just funded Project Eternity through Kickstarter, but Avellone says the same isn't going to happen for an AP sequel.

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Knight_Crawler2278d ago

Approach Nintendo to publish the game on the Wii U and problem solved.

iamnsuperman2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Nintendo wont take on everything. True they took on Bayonetta which sold poorly for a multiplatform game but at least it was well received. Alpha Protocal sold badly and wasn't well received by critics.

Knight_Crawler2278d ago

True but its worth a shot, the worst Nintendo can do is say no - plus I think this game is perfect for the Wii U and its tablet controller.

Nintendo would benefit alot by having this game on the Wii U and if rumors are true that MS is not publishing Alan Wake 2 because AW1 did not sell well, Nintendo would also benefit alot by publishing Alan Wake 2 as a Wii U exclusive...I for one would buy a Wii U just for AW2 becuase I loved the first one.

ame222278d ago

About Bayonetta, since when was 2 million units poor?

iamnsuperman2278d ago

@ame22 for a multiplatform game 2 million (more like 1.3) is poor. Sega dumped it because it sold poorly and I would assume other publishers would do the same.

NYC_Gamer2278d ago


Why do you think SEGA scrapped Bayonetta?because the game didn't bring the company any real profit. the game sold 1.3 million but that wasn't enough to support the share-holders expensive life styles.

ABizzel12278d ago

Where are people getting this 1.3M for Bayonetta. The game sold 1.3 million in it's first 6 months on consoles. It launch in Japan first, and came out the following year worldwide. Over the year it's totaled close to 2M copies in sales.

1mil+ on PS3
almost 1mil on Xbox 360

That being said Alpha Protocol 2 might actually be a perfect game for the Wii U. A stealth game seems like the perfect candidate to show off everything the Wii-U and tablet combo can do.

SilentNegotiator2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )


In CEO land, anything that doesn't sell 3 million copies, even new IPs, is a failure, because they won't be able to immediately buy a second mansion with the bonus they get.

SEGA panicked like EA does so frequently and let Nintendo pick it up, even if they could have sold at LEAST 3 million copies if they had released on WiiU, ps3, and Xbox 360.

humbleopinion2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Bayonetta was a best seller for a new IP with around 2 mil copies. That's a lot more than Alpha protocol sales.

The thing is, Alpha Protocol is a *proper* RPG game, something that does not sit well with Nintendo's target audience (anyone recall the "RPGs are for Otakus"? ). Actually Bayonetta 2 itself is a bare pass for their audience and seems like a weird choice (Madworld didn't do as good on the Wii trying to target mature audience). It's probably just a timed exclusive.

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GrahamGolden2278d ago

dude just deal with it already..the wii u will never be a console for the core gamers...just enjoy your marios and and rainbows and let the big titles for the rest

Knight_Crawler2278d ago

LOL...ok I will go back to playing my

Mad World
HotD: Overkill
GodFather Wii Edition
The Conduit
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Dead Space Extraction
Red Steel 1
No More Heroes
Twilight Princess
RE: Umbrella Chronicles
Tatsunoko vs Capcom
GGXX Accent Core
Silent Hill
RE: Darkside Chronicles
Metroid Other M
Bikin Samurai
Demon Blade
Fire Emblem

While you can go back to playing your Little Big Planet and Kinectimals : )

Pintheshadows2278d ago

If I were rich i'd buy Obsidian.

SageHonor2278d ago

Shame shame SHAME... Alpha Protocol couldve been one of the best games this gen if it had more time and polish..

Bercilak2278d ago

I'd say that Alpha Protocol *was* one of the best games of this generation. That it lacked polish doesn't detract very much from its all-around excellence, in my opinion.

yoshiroaka2278d ago

Alpha protocol was a game with so much potential. It had some kinks but I still really enjoyed it.

A sequel to it would have been great.

gazgriff2k122278d ago

why dont they make the game that alpha protocol was supposed to be though kick starter

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