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Submitted by shodan74 1239d ago | news

“Wii U Has Less CPU Power – And It’s A Challenge”

Dynasty Warriors chief Akihiro Suzuki has confirmed claims that the Wii U has lower CPU power than the PS3 and Xbox360, and admitted that this poses a real challenge for developers. (Akihiro Suzuki, Wii U)

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Hatsune-Miku  +   1239d ago
That's just ridiculous. The anonymous source did say that and was telling the truth despite a lot of other developers talking about how powerful the system is. I foresee trouble with the Wii you and the CPU creating a bottleneck. It's not more powerful than the xbox and ps3 fundamentally. It won't be able to do things like in killzone where there are mass amounts of squad mates aiding you and such. Or like in lair where over a thousand enemies are on screen. I think even the ps vita is better than the Wii u.

The Wii u is a disappointment. This is suppose to last until 2019 when people will be able to travel in petrol powered automobile. I don't think so
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mike1up  +   1239d ago | Intelligent

After the title, there's actually an interview. Shocking, isn't it?

"However, the developer also went on to praise the capability of the Wii U from a visual standpoint, claiming it has a clear edge over existing consoles in that department."

“From a visual standpoint, based on the performance of the Wii U, we knew the game had the capability of having much better graphics than games on PS3 and Xbox 360,” he added. “Make no mistake, from a visual standpoint, it is able to produce better graphics.”
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Hatsune-Miku  +   1239d ago
I can't wait for the Cinderella ball to see all the spinning fanatics will do. It can do better things graphically but the CPU is rubbish
mike1up  +   1239d ago | Intelligent
Sorry, trolls aren't invited to the Cinderella ball.
LX-General-Kaos  +   1239d ago
good job sir mr_mike

voted for intelligent
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kabala  +   1238d ago
If I'm not mistaking theTurbographx 16 had a 8bit cpu but a 16bit graphic processor and it had like Blazing lazers & Bonk to name a few. Hell the SNES cpu was much slower than the Genesis and we all know the games it produced. So the WiiU will be fine.
DivineAssault  +   1238d ago
So a few character models on the screen that will look minimally btr than current gen justifies the lack of polygon count it can handle per frame? Yes maybe they can have shinier objects here n there but the CPU being weaker means that future ports will suffer & i HIGHLY doubt that wii u will have lead development for multiplat games.. Even if it ever happens to outshine current gen, nx gen is right behind this wii u bro.. If it struggles to do things on 6-7 yr old systems, what do u think will happen when the big guns are brought out? I know nintendo will take the time with 1st party to make em run, play, & look great.. However another round of mario kart, mario land, & starfox looking better is something fans want, not the whole gaming community.. 3rd party games are critical to a consoles success & they way things are going, nintendo will b the only ones selling anything on their consoles & that can spell SEGA.. & Kabala ^^^ what happened to turbo graphics 16? Wheres its franchises?
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krazykombatant  +   1238d ago
Hahaha all of these replies from you are class bubble up!
specialguest  +   1238d ago
b-b-but da blast-processing?!?

classic commercial haha:
shodan74  +   1239d ago
While the CPU power is undoubtedly a disadvantage, the Wii U can produce stronger visuals, and is obviously quite innovative from a gameplay standpoint and the way it approaches gaming as a whole - just as the Wii was.
Kingnichendrix  +   1238d ago
Yeah it really is innovative, you can now play games in a different room when the console is in the other with a tablet controller It is mind boggling really the innovation and the massive advances nintendo made from gamecube, to wii to wiiu
Christopher  +   1238d ago
So we go with a focus on graphics > capability?

I'm not sold on the Wii U, but if that's all it's going to bring to the table as far as processing power, that's not selling me on the idea.
ritsuka666  +   1239d ago
WOW, so much hate for nintendo in this day because of Wii U
I feel sorry for this DEV. I feel even more sorry for those that actually believe him though.
Kingnichendrix  +   1238d ago
And they have finally joined the stage with sony in terms of hate they get
r21  +   1239d ago
Dude, stop hating. Also, you're gonna loose your bubbles. You've got three left before you join the one bub club :L
DeadlyFire  +   1238d ago
Well if you look at the CPU. Standard 4 core Power7 runs at 100W + the GPU which is anywhere from 20-45W.

Nintendo wanted low power usage so they gutted the CPU to make it run at a low wattage. I don't even think PS3/X360 CPUs run at that low Wattage to keep whole system under 75 watts. When I saw WiiU only runs at 75W it made me worry a bit, but graphically it should be full powered GPU. So it shouldn't be to bad on it. Power of the CPU should not really be to far behind PS3/X360 if true.
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WiiUalpha  +   1238d ago
The better the chip the less power it uses. Smaller dyes mean less power too. A chip today can do more with 75watts than a chip 9 years ago could do with 125watts.
DeadlyFire  +   1238d ago
That's what I am trying to say. :P Power7 is definitely more efficient than Cell/X360 CPU. Even if it has less Gflops/Wattage the insides are likely faster improved design.
WiiUalpha  +   1238d ago
Sorry but that isnt what it looks like. You say they gutted the CPU, but that isnt the case. It doesnt need to be gutted to be superior power wise.
a 36nm chip can do more than a 45nm chip but it uses less power. DDR3 RAM can do more than DDR2 RAM but it uses less power to do so.

Running on 75watts is nothing to worry about when compared to chips designed in 2004-2005.
stuntman_mike  +   1238d ago
i think the Graphics chip is based on the E6760 that runs at 35W.

the graphic chip seems very capable especially compared to whats on PS3 and X360.
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DeadlyFire  +   1237d ago
Possibly Stuntman. One thing to note though is that any GPU could be a GPGPU from AMD. Since they all support OpenCL. If you take E6760 and compare it to AMD 6750M. Its roughly the same part. So we know where the base for the E6760 comes from essentially. 4.8 Gigapixels is rather small transition up from PS3/X360's 4.4. Very similar to a PSVita/PS3 comparison. As PSVita supports 4.0 Gigapixels with its GPU. What does Gigapixels have to do with Graphics? Well it makes a difference believe it or not.

I personally was hoping for something a little stronger around 800-1000 Gflop range. I mean sure E6760 can do a little more than 4850 with graphics, but that is only due to the fact that graphics have progressed naturally over the years. Comparing it to PS3 or X360 GPUs we only see a small gain over them if E6760 is true. Now even with a low-end 7000 series Mobile GPU though they could have a higher Gigapixel, Gflops, and Gtextile rate that would be decent at a lower TDP.

I wouldn't count out the possibility that Nintendo went with a mid-range 7000 series Mobile GPU converted to an embedded GPU. I am thinking something with 9-10.x Gigapixel rate, in the 20s Textile rate, and 600-1000 Gigaflops. All while having under 40 TDP. Which puts the GPU in range to match AMD 4850 exactly with slightly more or less power depending. I believe personally going with AMD E6760 is too low, but that is just me and its specs are less than what a typical AMD 4850 GPU and Mobile GPU would produce.

I believe GPGPU based off AMD 7750M is the worst case scenario that would make any sense that Nintendo would aim to produce. Which is only a slight bump from E6760, but has much higher specs and a lower TDP.
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YoungPlex  +   1238d ago
“From a visual standpoint, based on the performance of the Wii U, we knew the game had the capability of having much better graphics than games on PS3 and Xbox 360,” he added. “Make no mistake, from a visual standpoint, it is able to produce better graphics.”

Graphically the Wii U will out-class these current consoles! Once developers learn how to utilize the extra RAM and GPGPU Power, the Wii U will start to show it's true colors. Keep holding onto ridiculous misconceptions about the Wii U is bottle-necked, the only thing that is bottle-necked is PS3 RAM, which doesn't even allow cross-game chat!
DivineAssault  +   1238d ago
Wii U doesnt have cross game chat either & its 6 years NEWER! Everything coming from everywhere has been negative about this console.. Clinging on to a few plusses & ignoring the minuses.. Did u even mention he said "a lot of enemies on screen, the PERFORMANCE is affected"??? So now nintendo fans are automatically graphics whores??? Gameplay is key remember? i guess the wii u really is a wii in HD.. Same limitations with better graphics & a single touch gamepad with 3-5 hour battery life.. A cheap pro controller w virtually no rumble, no dvd or blu ray media, handicapped network, handicapped 3rd party M rated software, & last gen multiplayer wii mote support.. But hey, the graphics will look btr than wii
rpd123  +   1238d ago
I hate to break it to you, but the majority of cars in existence are petrol powered. Gas and petrol are the same thing. Dumbass.
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ChickeyCantor  +   1238d ago
" It won't be able to do things like in killzone where there are mass amounts of squad mates aiding you and such. Or like in lair where over a thousand enemies are on screen. I think even the ps vita is better than the Wii u. "

Again, you're pretending to know anything about hardware or how you can utilize it.

WE GET IT. You don't like the Wii-U. You want it to fail. Go cry more, but not here.

FFS dude.
neogeo   1238d ago | Trolling | show
nintendojunkie28  +   1238d ago
"I think even the ps vita is better than the Wii u"

You should be ashamed of yourself.
NewZealander  +   1238d ago

you have got to be the most negative person i have seen on this site, why so much hate?

and i don't know why you seem to think you know everything about a console that you had no part in creating, maybe you should just do what most normal people do and play it for yourself when its released, how can you form such opinions without even trying the thing?

we all know wii U wont be true next gen, but who cares, thats not what gaming is all about, i love great graphics, but weather wii U is inferior or superior makes no difference to me, wii U is simply what the wii should have been in the first place, and im looking forward to seeing what it can do without comparing it to other consoles.

finally a real HD zelda game? im sold!
the thought of finally playing a real HD mario kart game against my friends is awesome, ive been waiting for that for ages!

like it or not nintendo offers things that the other companies dont care about, like family friendly games, just good old fun casual games, im over every game being a dude with a gun that shoots shit.
SilentNegotiator  +   1238d ago
I hope you realize that you just gave WiiU fanboys an excuse to completely side-step the issue presented by the article. The responses to your comment, the first of the page, will probably extend down the entirety of the first page.

If you're going to troll, at least say something that won't derail the article that already has a negative thing to say about the thing you're trolling against.
NoFanboyRequired  +   1238d ago
Lol at you saying the vita is more powerful than the wiiU.

My 3rd gen intel i7 is more powerful than the vita alone. No doubt about that. Pretty insane how my i7 can run gotham city impostors maxed out with more than 60pfps on my toshiba laptop.
mike1up  +   1239d ago
"The full interview with Suzuki is over at the Eurogamer site now."

The same Eurogamer that blatantly misquoted SEGA's statements about the WiiU? Well, that explains the title.
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FinalomegaS  +   1239d ago
It's either japanese devs arent quoted properly or translated correctly.

At some point it' going to look like no one really knows this systems true capability.

Or maybe they know how to use more than 80% of the current gens cpu power and only 20% of the wiiu.

Or the current gens cpu are more powerful than wiiu
TheLyonKing  +   1239d ago
Am kinda bored with all these wii U articles,

Wii U doesn't have enough CPu, wii U is more powerful than 360 etc etc

I have pre ordered the console and I will see for myself it is not my problem if developers don't like a challenge anymore. PS3 has these kinds of things where they were "struggling" but people got to grips with it and now it is impressive. Give the Wii U a chance I would say that not even 1% on N4G are developers so it is no skin of your nose.
GenericNameHere  +   1239d ago
Less CPU or not, we surely won't be getting anything groundbreaking from this developer, especially of Dynasty Warriors fame.
madjedi  +   1238d ago
It doesn't matter if it's the dw devs or rockstar devs, if it is a true statement then it is a true statement.
Jadedz  +   1239d ago
Great headline (did the whole double take and everything! xD).

I've already pre-ordered the Wii U, so at this point - I'm already onboard with whatever Nintendo has in store for their next generation console.

Given all the information we've received about the Wii U's different game development engine licenses - shouldn't we be content, at some point? If you're worried about "developers not supporting the Wii U..." then don't be.

Rest assured, the Wii U will be heavily by developers (probably mostly indies, but you get the point).
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chukamachine  +   1239d ago
If the WII U produces better graphics, why don't the games that have been shown, show this.

Zombi U looks like a PS3/360 launch game.

The sell for the WII U is the controller, the same as it was with the WII.
3rdDimension  +   1239d ago
"If the WII U produces better graphics, why don't the games that have been shown, show this.

Zombi U looks like a PS3/360 launch game. "

Because developers are still developing with a PS3/360 pipeline.

These are launch title games that look as good as 3rd generation PS3/360 titles. Titles that have been optimized and coded for the for those systems.

As for ZombiU looking like a PS3/360 launch game, go back and look at those launch titles. and think about your statement again. In fact, take a look at Perfect Dark and Resistance. Both fps titles released during the launch of PS3/360

Perfect Dark Zero:

Resistance - Fall of man:

If you feel the quality of those videos are not good enough, feel free to search for better versions and you'll still see that ZombiU looks much better.

Also, most 3rd party titles have been confirmed to run in 1080p.
Ck1x  +   1238d ago
Thanks for the video links! But seriously something has to be mentally wrong with people to think that the likes of ZombiU looks no better than PS3&360 launch titles...
neogeo   1238d ago | Trolling | show
hiredhelp  +   1239d ago | Intelligent
LoL well to be honist ps3 devs said ps3 was pain work with look at the out come.
As for this IBM Processor having less power watever that means guess meaning not as powerfull fast well i did bit research this CPU isnt all that bad.
3rdDimension  +   1239d ago
Glad to see you did research. It's unfortunate that most people do not do this and therefore read heavily into quotes.

People wonder why PR are so careful when it comes to revealing things and what they allow developers to say. They realize that the general public are too lazy (for lack of a better term) to actually do research and try to understand why things are they way they are.

The general public takes things at face value.

With the Wii U's GPU focused architect, it just simply means that a game optimized to use the cpu will not perform well on a console with a GPU focus.

This particular developer has a mulitplatform game optimized for the cpu, so of course it's not going to be on par with the cpu focused PS3/360.

If only more people would take the time to educate themselves like you have just demonstrated, the gaming space would be a much better place in terms of understanding hardware!
hiredhelp  +   1238d ago
Thankyou 3rdDimension
Soon as i read the headline i had a facepalm moment recently seems to be a few articles ready to knock the wii U.
The amd gpu im sure will live upto this gen visuals and who knows maybe even next gen.
With Certain amounts of DX11 on this gpu chip Nintendo had next gen in mind out the box.

Its about peoples choice end of the day but dont come here folks knock a console thats not even out give it 6 months after realese.
This time around i think nintendo are getting it right. Just like NES,SNES, and start of N64 before pokemon im talking about core gaming not just casual.
nintendojunkie28  +   1238d ago
Glad to see someone who gets it.

Bubbles to you fine sir...
BitbyDeath  +   1238d ago
@hiredhelp, we don't know what the CPU is but it's confirmed to not be Power7.
#8.2 (Edited 1238d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
hiredhelp  +   1238d ago
Thx for the update BitbyDeath
BitbyDeath  +   1238d ago
No worries :-)
ZoyosJD  +   1238d ago
As BitbyDeath said the Power 7 was stated not to be the processor in the Wii U.

Not to mention a site mentioned the Wii U having a GPGPU, a link on the front page also mentions it, but is not the confirmation.

I think that The GPGPU being refereed to might very well be an ATI APU or an NVIDIA CUDA based GPGPU.

Either of these combinations would prove more powerful and yet quite difficult to program for initially much like, but not quite to the same extent of the Cell situation in the PS3.
samtheseed  +   1239d ago | Well said
AC3 runs fine!
AC3 is a demanding game, runs fine on Wii U.

Could it be these guys are poor developers, using the X360 as lead development platform, trying to load scruffy code over to the Wii U's GPGPU design and then blame a weak CPU for their lack of programming talent and time to learn the Wii U before rushing this out for launch?

browngamer41  +   1239d ago
Very well said ..bubble up!;)
neogeo  +   1238d ago
anyone that goes to Tom's Hardware knows that a shitty dual core with a good GPU will run circles around a super overclocked i7 with a junk GPU.
Hicken  +   1238d ago
He didn't say his game wouldn't run fine. And there's nothing to say that Ubisoft didn't feel the same about ACIII.

He didn't say the system was weak, just that it presented a bit of a challenge. Isn't that what new hardware tends to do, anyway?
Ck1x  +   1238d ago
@Samtheseed: I don't even think the 360 had anything to do with this actually. Seeing as how this is primarily a Japanese targeted game, I'm sure the PS3 was the lead platform and they probably wanted to throw the game onto the WiiU in time for launch. Most western developers or developers in general that place the 360 as the lead platform, praise the WiiU in its near effortless ability to get games up and running with ease... This is the first developer to say otherwise, the only other developer that commented on the ability of the CPU was also a Japanese based developer. In which I'm starting to see a pattern here! Pure Laziness
zavierkai  +   1239d ago
Fucking fan boys i have a 360 ps3 and wii and i preorder wiiu. I have all the console for the games not for their power. Fan boys are hurting the industry.
#10 (Edited 1239d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
TongkatAli  +   1238d ago
They really are.
Sykoticz  +   1238d ago
First off this is sad (This article that is) Has anyone even thought for a second while reading this and gone " Well how old is the cpu's in the 360 and ps3?"

Cpu's architecture has changed ALOT in the last 6-7 years as well as gpu's etc.

From what i have read about the wiiU it seems balanced but it also seems like a low-end pc with a ipad (Not saying that's a bad thing i like the look of zombiU it seems fun).
cedaridge  +   1238d ago
Wii U maybe Hard to program for right now but it will have the lead on ps4 and xbox 720. So it could be the lead platform for multiplat titles going forward like xbox 360 MAJORITY of the time held led over ps3. I can admit I prefer ps3 over xbox 360 BUT I cannot deny multiplat games (TO ME) look better and play better on xbox. But as long as Developers make a good version on ps3 I'm cool with that. So just enjoy the games and if you like ALL THE SYSTEM THEN BUY THEM ALL. Life is what YOU make it!!! psn: cedaridge / xbl: cedar4Thunder
ElementX  +   1238d ago
Dynasty Warriors? You mean where the enemies just run at you and you mow them down? As if that takes any processing power.
#13 (Edited 1238d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
scotchmouth  +   1238d ago
Lol that was the first thing i thought
madjedi  +   1238d ago
@element Yeah genius the game still has to render all of those images on screen. But since most games maybe have 5-10 enemies on screen at one times.

Most idiots assume it takes not much if any processing power to have a screen full of enemies.

"You mean where the enemies just run at you and you mow them down?" Yeah just like they do in many fps games. Sheep running to the slaughter.

And i can see another game having difficulty with the wii u, edf
ChickeyCantor  +   1238d ago
The PS2 games also had many characters on screen. So not sure why you're even mentioning that. The enemies are dumb as hell.
#13.2.1 (Edited 1238d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
Venox2008  +   1238d ago
they f'''ed 3ds version (launch one) and now are having problems with Wii U.. please learn some architecture first
metroid32  +   1238d ago
Well it runs both black ops 2 and fifa 13 with better graphics and in 1080p/60fps and it handles hd graphics on the controller in 480p Hmmmm and this is right out the gate before devs have even scratched the surface yet the cpu seems abit slower Hmmmm i say the cpu is a 4 core powerpc with watson tech thrown in and the best features of power7 and clocked at 3.4ghz on final retail unit.

But even if its got a 3.0ghz triple core with 32mb EDRAM shared across cpu/gpgpu it still demilishes it as the gpgpu has compute shader 11 and that basically does more than a cpu can do anyway ?
stuntman_mike  +   1238d ago
it was designed so that the GPU helps out with CPU task and vice versa making it more efficient.
Npugz7   1238d ago | Trolling | show
playlikemario  +   1238d ago
all these articles that are coming out are not helping the fans of Nintendo maintain confidence of their preordered Wii U. i am a gamer and i care more about my gaming experience than how much power the Wii U has. i have preordered my Wii U as soon as the news broke and im not turning my back on Nintendo now after i have put my trust in the Wii U. i don't own a PS3/360 or any other gaming system and im not a technician of anything so i cant say anything about the processor/power or whatnot. all i know is that i am a Nintendo guy and i am not cancelling my Wii U preorder on the account of articles being negative against the Wii U.
playlikemario  +   1238d ago
i mean when a new system comes out, sure developers are going to have negative thoughts due to the lack of what they do not know on the inside of the Wii U. what they do know is that their games can run on them just fine and from all the videos that i have seen by the demos, games like Zombie U which is build around the system as a whole is a good game. the game caters to all areas of play like one bite death, the survival kit, and a different way to approach games. so basically i say all that to say this. these articles can come out all they want, i am not giving up on nintendo as they are always innovative.
TrendyGamers  +   1238d ago
I'm still getting a Wii U either way.
3-4-5  +   1238d ago
well graphics all use GPU now so aren't as reliant on the CPU.

It's also a CPU from 2008-2009.....not a CPU from 2002-2003 like the xbox 360 is using.

think about it.
teabag-nation  +   1238d ago
another stinking rotten lie about the wii u CPU. have you seen the extra polygons on batman and the draw distance etc, in arkham city. Wii u is a breath of fresh air unlike the other two, half the games are shooters snooze.
teabag-nation  +   1238d ago
another stinking rotten lie about the wii u CPU. have you seen the extra polygons on batman and the draw distance etc, in arkham city. Wii u is a breath of fresh air unlike the other two, half the games are shooters snooze.
GrahamGolden   1238d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
josephayal  +   1238d ago
well 720p is nice
DwightOwen  +   1238d ago
So instead of having 1,000 enemies onscreen at who all look exactly the same, we'll only have 500 enemies onscreen who look exactly the same?

Oh no. The horror. How will I ever go on living.
BrianAThornton  +   1238d ago
Hopefully we'll see progression beyond this generation's graphics once developers stop porting 360 and PS3 titles and build from the ground up. We've been hearing a lot about how the CPU isn't as fast as other machines of this gen, but we also must take into account that it's reported to be an OOP, so running unoptimized code would result in performance difficulties. That said, if the GPU is indeed a GPGPU, there will be ways to offload some of the more CPU reliant functions and improve performance. We won't see something like this until software gets past launch phase, but there should be noticeable improvement across the board.
spektical  +   1238d ago
able to produce better graphics, doesnt matter if you cant have fun by adding to the environment.. where cpu comes in.
MRMagoo123  +   1238d ago
Hmmmmmm i may be wrong but wasnt the wii all about the gameplay and the nintendo fantards said graphics mean squat, but now you guys find out it will suffer downgrades in gameplay but the graphics will be better thats fine ??
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1238d ago
2v1  +   1238d ago
all the marios are the same,even on the newest nintendo system
taquito  +   1238d ago
gpu is infinately more important

you can buy the fastest i-7 on the market and dump a garbage gpu in it and watch a trashy looking game like call of duty 7 turn into a slideshow in dirty, lowly 720p

or you can buy a cheap ass amd quad core and put a gtx 680 in it and max every game at levels the ps4 and nextbox will never do

as long as the cpu is competent in the wii u, im cool with it, i am far more concerned with the gpu capabilities.

also it has more than 4x the ram of the ps3 and 360, so thats a plus, wish they would have went with 4gb but whatevs, pc is the place for true graphics whores (like me)

i think the wii u is gonna be badass, can't wait for it!
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