How to Respec in Borderlands 2

Wondering how to Respec in Borderlands 2? Use this guide and find out how!

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Allsystemgamer2275d ago

So that's what that install was lol it was so fast I thought steam was messing up lol

Lubu2275d ago

Are any colors you unlock, profile wide? Especially those related to Catch a ride?
Also, will it let you unlock the same color twice? Or will it let you know that you've already unlocked it, so you can trade it to a friend?

Ron_Danger2275d ago

I believe they are unlocked on all profiles and it tells you if you've unlocked one already. I've been getting a ton of them playing the slots at Moxxie's Bar in Sanctuary

MasterD9192275d ago

Watch out for those triple Bandit slots! A grenade pops out and causes some problems...but I've been getting great jackpots lately. Triple Eridium jackpots are great.

On topic though- yep, you are shown if you have already unlocked the item/gear and you can just sell the item no problem.