Kevin Butler removed from Bridgestone Wii commercial

STFUandPlay's Romudeth writes

"So I’m sitting here trying to figure out what I’m going to do tonight when the Bridgestone commercial that has Kevin Butler comes on TV. I don’t normally watch commercials but this has KB in it so whenever it’s on I tend to pay attention. Only this time…something was different. What was that? If you read the title to this post then you already know, Kevin Butler has gone missing from the commercial! I quickly nabbed my Sony Cybershot camera and recorded the commercial."

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tordavis2250d ago

Wow...just wow! Sony must have paid a grip for that.

darthv722250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

i saw that commercial I figured it wouldnt be long for someone to make an article about kevin butler in wii commercial.

Although, technically he is an actor who applied for the part in the commercial for tires. Is it his fault bridgestone are promoting the wii?

i have see two versions. a long one where he has more dialog and then a shorter one where the overall spot had been shortened. Saw the short one last night during giants/panthers game.

So now there is a 3rd version since last night? Wow that's fast.

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ScubbaSteve2249d ago

KB more than likely had some sort of do not compete clause in his contract with Sony or some bit about Sony owning the KB persona. That's pretty standard stuff. Sony probably didn't pay anything, they more than likely just wrote a letter saying they were going to sue someone and would more than likely win.

t0mmyb0y2249d ago

He's an actor. I doubt he went by "Kevin Butler" in the commercial.

Romudeth2250d ago

How has this not gotten any heat yet? This is huge!

Megaton2250d ago

How is this in any way huge?

Knight_Crawler2250d ago

Dude this hugeeeeeeeeeee.

Do u know KB?

Ilovetheps42250d ago


He is an actor. If Sony doesn't need him, he is able to go find a job elsewhere. Do people expect him to just sit on his couch waiting for a call from Sony? I know I wouldn't. It's not huge, it's just him taking other acting positions.

Romudeth2250d ago

Are you serious? The guy was in this commercial and now he's been digitally removed! Do you realize how much money that costs? Why pay all that bank to take an actor out of a commercial? And not just any actor mind you but one who is associated by many with Sony.

I agree that him being in a commercial with a Wii isn't a big deal, him being digitally REMOVED from that commercial? That's huge. Someone behind the scenes (probably Sony) paid big bucks to remove Jerry Lambert (KB's real name) from this commercial and I want to know why.

EL Lanf2250d ago

Indeed, at the end of day, it's just an advert, even if you try and deduce why the changes have happened, what's the result? It's not like it's a AAA exclusive game announcement or something.

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BitbyDeath2250d ago

Lol, i can't even find the original video, looks like it got pulled!?

Romudeth2250d ago

Dude you're the man! We've been looking for that all day! Now everyone can clearly see how KB was digitally removed.

Carl_Shocker2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Kevin Butler appearing in an advert for a Nintendo product looked wouldn't be the case if he only appeared in a few Sony ads but I mean the guys gained rep and a massive following for it. I'm glad he was removed...

Why don't they get Charlie Sheen for the Nintendo Products, he's always keen...I heard he did lines off the side of a Wii and you don't want to know what he did with the Wii Mote

krazykombatant2250d ago

kinda makes sense he was the image for sony and its games for a while and all of the sudden showing off wii games, for totally another product albeit, but still can't have him anywhere near a xbox or wii might cause problems!

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