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At $11.99 USD, Fractured Soul is certainly one of the more pricey eShop offerings. However, considering the amount of content and refined playability, the title does compare favorably against many of its Game Card-based peers.

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CharmingMan1950d ago

$11.99 IS a bit expensive. I have to think twice before dropping that.

AngelFuria1950d ago

I'll be waiting for a price drop.

madmad1950d ago

Those don't happen often enough on the eShop.

JRPGLuva1950d ago

Well it was a cartridge at one point. So many $11.99 isn't all that bad.

JRPGLuva1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Oh, just read they didn't edit out much.

sharpsword1950d ago

Wasn't Ignition supposed to put this out?

mediastudies1950d ago

I hear Ignition is not doing well at all. Reich could be there downfall.

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