TGS 2012: Resident Evil 6 trailer goes Hollywood: Intrigue, drama, explosions, snowmobiles

El33tonline writes:

"In El33tonline’s previous hands-on previews and coverage of Resident Evil 6, we’ve made a case for the game’s move towards evolving the long-running horror franchise into more of an ‘action horror’ franchise, with equal parts suspense, exploration and intense third-person shooting.

This latest trailer, however…"

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Carl_Shocker2252d ago

But its not a Hollyood blockbuster franchise...... that kind of thing I would expect to see in Uncharted not Resident Evil......its supposed to be horror game as Capcom keeps trying to state but its so painfully obvious that it isnt with all the trailers they show off for it and how much they've butchered the game.

Its anything but "wonderful" its a sad, sad sight.

CrimsonWing692251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Wow, once again...

It's so sad to see you on yet another RE6 story cursing the very existence of a game you're going to buy. But I digress, it's supposed to be a "horror" game but not a "survival horror" game.

Executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi stated that it made sense for the series to have a bit more action and in doing so they defined a sub-genre of "horror" as "dramatic horror".


You need to get a grip on what horror is to you isn't horror to everyone else. You forget there are different types of horror out there. Quite frankly, the only Resident Evil that I found "scary" was RE3 and it's only from the panic induced encounters with the Nemesis. RE1 gave me a "jump" scare with a dog busting through the window and RE2 gave me a "jump" scare when the zombie arms busted through the boarded up windows. However, the games in their entirety never scared me.

RE6 is a genre of horror as it has a few elements that are defined in horror: Threatening, the unexpected, the unseen, the unstoppable, helplessness, urgency, and intensity.

( http://horror.fictionfactor...

RE6 does contain these elements despite being full of action. Action in itself has no bearing on whether something is horrifying or not as long as the elements of horror exist within the fiction.

For some, war and violence can be "horrific".

I was never "scared" while playing the RE6 demo, but I did experience a few elements of horror such as urgency, helplessness, and intensity.

So I argue that it's anything but "sad", it a wonderful, wonderful sight.

I love this game and I accept you don't like it, but educate yourself on what defines horror in media. It's not a singular concept.

Carl_Shocker2251d ago

Same old lame argument someone is using to defend Capcom...heard it before. Someone who didn't care for the old games coming to the new games rescue because it now appeals to them after Capcom changed the franchise to make it anything but RE

As for being on another RE my defense I commented on this article a day ago.

CrimsonWing692251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )


"As for being on another RE my defense I commented on this article a day ago."

You're missing my point...

But let's switch it around to my perspective. I can easily argue that you're using the same old lame argument to offend Capcom...I've heard it before, and from you nonetheless.

"Someone who didn't care for the old games coming to the new games rescue because it now appeals to them after Capcom changed the franchise to make it anything but RE"

Um, Resident Evil is defined by its fiction as much as its gameplay. So, because I'm playing as characters from previous Resident Evil games and they're continuing the story then I'm playing a Resident Evil game.

Ok, just for the record, I seriously love the old games. I want everyone to know on this site and for Carl_Shocker to know that I freakin' love the old games and the Resident Evil series as a whole. So, why can't I like both the old and new games and not be considered "someone who didn't care for the old games"?

Get a clue, dude, not everyone sees it the way you do. I respect you not liking the games, I don't respect you constantly going to every story and spewing your hateful rhetoric, I don't respect you saying you're going to buy the game after all the hate you keep spewing, and I don't respect how you make constant uninformed generalizations (like this isn't horror, Capcom crapped on their fans, Capcom has lost it, people who are fans of the new games hate the old games)

The thing is you claim this isn't horror, what are you basing this off of? I've presented you with elements in fiction that define horror as a genre.

Carl_Shocker2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Yeah ok man...whatever you say.........whatever you say

I would argue how wrong you are but I've said it so many times before look on the other RE6 article

IWentBrokeForGaming2251d ago

Have you seen Resident Evil since it has gone Hollywood?

I personally would rather not talk about it, lol!

HORRIBLE film franchise... and a dwindeling game franchise to match!

Plagasx2251d ago

As much as Capcom has disappointed me the last few years with RE, that is one hell of a trailer.

Cpt Jack House2251d ago

Could've sworn this trailer was already released before.

Silver_Edge2251d ago

Yeah it's the E3 2012 trailer. I wish they'd release the Gamescom trailer. And son of a gun, I gotta side with CrimsonWing for making some compelling arguments.

Horror is subjective, but as a genre there are elements that make something classified in "horror genre". I can go through the "Horror" section of Netflix and like 80% of that stuff isn't scary to me, but I'd still classify it as horror.

RE6 has zombies, monsters, and atmosphere that builds tension and helplessness. Even when being overwhelmed I experienced a sense of dread. I agree these are elements that define a horror genre.

Well played, sir.

SolidFenix862251d ago

It's funny that if the games never changed we would still have complaints...different complaints but regardless still complainers.

CrimsonWing692251d ago

Just goes to show you can't please everyone. I think Capcom has done pretty well with that concept in mind. I mean the entire reason they changed the formula was due to the decline in sales, Resident Evil Zero was underwhelming compared to the previous entries and they decided to change it to bring in more fans. Lo and behold it worked, but you get a handful of people who hate the change.

It happens and in all fairness I can understand it to a point, but not moving on or not adapting is what gets to me. Don't like it? That's fine move on. Tried to give it a try but couldn't adapt to the style of game play, fine then, move on.

How hard is that really? Instead we have these insane people who have to go to every single forum and post the same old complaint. Get over yourself already, the games aren't for you anymore, go find games that appeal to you and talk about them in their forums instead of being a parasite.

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