Okay Sony, Time To Give Everyone A PS3/Vita Bundle

Yeah, it's an expensive proposition, but it's a damn good idea for the future. Depending on the price, this could be the best gaming value EVER.

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thatzacdavis2279d ago

I doubt they would risk dropping the price low enough to make this very viable.

kungfuian2279d ago

$400-450 with a free cross play game (all stars) and/or some remote playable psn content would be a worthwhile addition.

They likely need to wait another year for this to be viable. If next year the stand alone ps3 and vita are at $200 each they could do a $350 bundle with free game or two and psn content.

TheUndertaker852279d ago

As much as some might hate this, I hope Sony doesn't release a Vita/PS3 bundle just yet. As is both together would cost you around $500. While yes, a $400-$450 bundle could happen, how many are willing to buy at that price?

I'd hope Sony would wait until the price of the Vita/PS3 bring purchased together is around that $400 point. A $299 or $349 bundle with the two could sell extremely well I think, particularly with the WiiU releasing at that cost. At that point Sony would have a valid way to combat the WiiU and increase the PS3/Vita audiences even more.

TronEOL2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

I said this before and I'll say it again: They will do this, but only AFTER the PS4 is announced and near release. By that time both the PS3 and Vita will be at very low prices, so bundling them would be made easier on both the customers and Sony.

Not to mention I'd assume by that time there will be more crossplay games, and more games utilizing the Vita as a PS3 controller. So bundling them together with a few Crossplay games would be Sony's way of competing with Nintendo (and will definitely hurt them since you can take the Vita with you OUTSIDE your house) while they continue to compete with Microsoft with the PS4.

At least this way they can shift the PS3 to a more casual system after the PS4 is out for a year or so, and pretty much keep the PS3 selling for years and years to come, which would make Sony mad profit.

Also a little side note:
If Sony really wanted to keep pushing games for PS3 after PS4 is out for a few years, they could always port Vita games over to PS3 with Crossplay abilities. Since the Vita has plenty of life left in it.

BitbyDeath2279d ago

That'd be the best move providing they could get the pricing right.

CaptCalvin2279d ago

I might be jumping to conclusions to early but seeing some of the signs it looks like the Vita might be heading in a direction where it's just a mere compliment to the PS3, which I don't want. I got a Vita but I'm not getting a PS3 any time soon.

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