Bin Laden DLC, Appropriate? Medal of Honor Warfighter and Zero Dark Thirty Tie In

In this 13 minute audio clip ZitterZap, NOVAxDRAGON and teal_c1966 discuss whether a Bin Laden Hunt DLC would be appropriate. We talk whether it could be done tastefully and will this kind of DLC give unneeded exposure to a personality like Bin Laden. We strike the point that mass media would be paying attention to this and we as gamers do not want to look bad and immature.

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Muffins12232280d ago

Who the hell cares,its freedom of speech.

Ron_Danger2279d ago


If you don't like Freedom of Speech, you can geeeet out!

ravinash2279d ago

It's not the people in America you should be worried about.

Ron_Danger2279d ago

I know. It's the terrorists!!!

There's actually a really interesting documentary that was put out a few years ago that details how the terrorist might attack next. It's about and hour and a half long and goes into a lot of detail about how they will attempt to attack our imaginations. I think it's called Imagination Land. It's on Netflix

NOVAxDRAGON2279d ago

Great, now we are making a guide to attacking us. Just like they make tons of movies about how to break into banks, or on that show "it takes a thief" they teach us literally how to pick a house to rob.

Kos-Mos2279d ago

Freedom of speech? In america? Every american based site I`ve been commenting on the have deleted some of my comments, and by all means they were not very insulting.

yoyo121212278d ago

It's freedom of speech in America not youtube

yoyo121212278d ago

I'm going to enjoy shooting that son of a bitch

NYC_Gamer2279d ago

I believe games should be able to tackle everything from deaths to religion.Why should the gaming culture have censorship?while other forms of entertainment are free to dive into all subjects.

Blastoise2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Well said. As long as its done in the right way.

"Hold X to plant the C4 on Bin Laden's head"

yoyo121212278d ago

I'm going to enjoy shooting that son of a bitch!

Tetsujin2279d ago

I was wondering the same thing; the only theory I have is some people still say "video games are for kids only, and kids don't need to know certain things until they get older."

I'm calling it now; they're going to rename the maps for the "other crowd" and to prevent some type of public backlash, especially from Fox News.

ravinash2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Do Other media escape censorship???
You just need to see what's happening with that film to see what happens when people make media in an irresponsible manner in the name of free speech.

If the subject or person has something to say, then great.
But if the aim is just to offend, then that is just abusing your right of free speech to hurt others.

aliengmr2279d ago

As it relates to this topic freedom of speech is really a non-issue. Meaning, its just DLC and not a big deal.

But you are right in that the protection of speech does not extent to speech that would intentionally incite violence. It can be a muddy issue at times but freedom of speech has its limits.

But, as I said, this Bin Laden DLC doesn't have anything to do with that. EA and others are just cashing in on current events. You can debate whether doing that is good or bad, but freedom of speech isn't a factor.

Ashlen2279d ago

That Freedom of Speech answer while true is totally lame.

People are ok with this only because it's someone assassinating a non American. If EA tried to make an assassinate an American game Americans would be up in arms about it.

The sad thing is EA isn't doing this out of honor or respect for anyone or anything, it's just a cash grabbing publicity stunt.

Tetsujin2279d ago

Something like this I don't vote for regardless if its an American or Non American; there's other names that could be used instead of something like this. In the video they even said themselves its a multiplayer map pack and not an actual mission, they were misinformed (as they put it).

I remember when Bionic Commando for NES was named originally "Hitlers Revival, Top Secret" involving Nazi's and it was changed for the US; then Wolfenstein 3D was also about Hitler with the Nazi symbols and later changed for the US audience; both games were more of a "What if" setup and not an actual telling of events. If EA had any respect for people they would either make a "What if" type setup with some sort of disclaimer, or change the name of the maps entirely and have a public apology for trying to cash in over a national incident.

NOVAxDRAGON2279d ago

I don't think EA is totally at fault here. The movie company is uniting with them to do a double marketing thing. Pop culture, and those who run it, are trying to make this a big deal. I'm not saying that we can forget about what happened, but I also can't, in good faith, sit here and say that this needs to happen. There are a lot of bad people in the world, we killed one of them (at least, who we think is bad. Other people idolized him). I'm just not convinced that EA is doing it just for money. Not everyone at EA is a glutton for attention and profit.

iamnsuperman2279d ago

Wouldn't a bin laden dlc be....well...kind of boring. There wasn't that many people armed and it was over fairly quickly

Faelan2279d ago

Well, since we're invoking Freedom of Speech... can't wait to try 'Concentration Camp Tycoon'.

Yes, folks... before you freak... that's sarcasm. My point is, where do you draw the line? If you draw the line somewhere, then is it truly freedom of speech?

But sure... I'm okay with Bin Laden DLC... it just doesn't sound all that interesting to me.

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