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Sony game unit pegs profit hope on PS3, handhelds weak

Sony Corp is relying more heavily on its PlayStation 3 game consoles to make money for its game unit in the year to March, as weak sales of handhelds threaten to undermine a business the company's CEO is banking on to help return his company to profit. (PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

morkendo23  +   1159d ago
SONY is killing its self with FPS GAMES AND MULTIPLAYER only games.
make games EVERYONE will enjoy again, bring back ol school gaming.
TongkatAli  +   1159d ago
He hit the nail on the head. Make more rated E games and keep God Of War then profit.
Xwow2008  +   1159d ago
Sony Makes games for everyone...whats wrong with u?
Knight_Crawler  +   1159d ago
Have to agree...Sony needs to go back to there roots while keeping the FPS junkies happy.

I miss the PS1 and PS2 era where I felt like a kid in the candy store when ever I bought a Sony game. Dont get me wrong Sont still pumps out exclusives but they focus on less genres and make sequals or trilogies for games that could have waited till next gen.

There is a reason why PSN and XBLA games are doing so well this late into this gen becuase people want something diffrent and small or indie developers deliver that becuase they take more risk.
r21  +   1159d ago
i dont know but i think he's stealth insulting microsoft. alas we'll never know as he has only one bubble :C
cpayne93  +   1159d ago
We got sly cooper, lbp karting, and ps all stars on the way.
TongkatAli  +   1158d ago
Which are going to be amazing.
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Agent_hitman  +   1159d ago
I guess the Game division is the only profitable for Sony Corp right now.. The rest is lackluster..

They should continue the momentum of it's PS until next gen and don't give up.. goodluck sony!
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TongkatAli  +   1159d ago
PS3 has plenty of life still, over 75 million install base is very attractive.
r1sh12  +   1159d ago
Thats exactly it.
Sony have mad bad decisions in every department (including the gaming division, only for a small amount of time).
Its not all Sony's fault though, blu ray is a great invention and I dont think anyone could have seen on demand and IPTV/ streaming services would so dramatically increase which is one major reason as to why physical disc (both DVD and blu ray sales are so bad). That was out of Sony's control, but royalties from blu ray are going to be very limited, even if MS have to pay some in the next gen.

The game division is currently being held up by the PS3, but the Vita is bringing it down at the same time. Handheld gaming devices are declining due to the smartphone, its just that simple. Most smart phone games are so low priced in comparison.

Gaming has changed from the 'good old/ golden days' to the point where many gamers are soo very different. You still get the core gamers but they are outweighed by the voice of the casuals. That is one reason why these 'angry bid' type games are soo popular, and you can even see why developers want to go there, its easy money on a small budget.

I think sony need to separate the gaming division from Sony altogether, so they dont lose the PS3/ gaming division. This way they can ringfence it from any fallout over the rest of the business and potentially rebuild from the bottom up and come back stronger.
Anon1974  +   1159d ago
Certainly Sony has had their fair share of missteps, but that's not the real problem here. The real problem is the business they're in. They're a Japanese electronics maker that sells products to western markets. Western markets aren't spending and due to the shape they're in, currency is weak compared to the yen. At one point it was estimated that Japanese electronics makers were suddenly losing 25% of their revenue simply from the yen's price relative to the US dollar and the Euro. Not to mention lost productivity and cash from natural disasters both in both Japan and Thailand (where a lot of their electronics are manufactured). It's not as if Sony is the only electronics maker struggling these past 4 years.

S&P's forecast is looking up though with foreign exchange markets stabilizing. They expect Sony to return to profitability overall this year, with earnings per share increasing 2067% by FY14, even thought they anticipate consumer spending to remain sluggish.
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r1sh12  +   1159d ago
I do agree that there are some factors which sony could not have even foreseen or stopped,
and to an extent about western markets not spending.
Many brands are in the limelight and are selling much better.
Just looking at TV's samsung, LG and even Toshiba seem to be doing better, in audio electronics no one can catch apple and the Ipod.
Tablets - Apple again, followed by Samsung and Asus.
Mobile/Cellular phones - Apple, samsung and nokia are doing better.
The list goes on.

I know Sony are not the only electronics company struggling, but they are the worst affected.
Sony simply need to start selling products again across the board.
Hopefully they become competitive again, because the only sony product I will currently buy is the PS3
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joeorc  +   1158d ago
@r1sh12: hey sparky Sony is way ahead of ya
"The game division is currently being held up by the PS3, but the Vita is bringing it down at the same time. Handheld gaming devices are declining due to the smartphone, its just that simple. Most smart phone games are so low priced in comparison."

And Sony's way ahead of you on this very fact, why do you think Sony made the Playstation Mobile platform for?

i'll tell you why:

Overall, Sony Mobile sold 7.4 million Xperia smartphones over the three-month period, this compares to 3.5m Xperia shipments in the same period last year.

This led Sony to upgrade the FY13 (year to March 2013) forecast of smartphones shipped from 33.3 to 34 million units.


that's 7.4 million / sales quarter...

now add in


and Samsung is being courted also

Sony Computer Entertainment To Launch PlayStation®Store For PlayStation®Mobile On October 3

"PlayStation Mobile games will be available in nine different countries at launch, including the US, UK, Japan, Canada, and France. Around 30 different titles will be present to start with, from both Sony and third-party developers. According to Sony, the titles will be priced between 50 to 850 yen (approximately $0.64 to $10.80)."

there will be 30 games set for launch!


All of which will also Run on the PSVita!
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r1sh12  +   1157d ago
Its great that they are bringing Sony the playstation store to android, but thats only half the battle and uptake of it is still not clear. Lets not forget the number of Iphones that are out there too.

Experia phones sold 7+Mil in 3 months, Samsung sold over 20 million in that time.
I actually love the way Sony are keeping open source such a priority, but I just dont want to buy one of their phones because they cant compete with the competition, they are all under powered in comparison.
IQUITN4G  +   1159d ago
yup the game has changed and it's the minority that's most vocal about this, voiced on places like this in fact
Derpy  +   1159d ago
It amuses me the dream world that a lot of gamers live in in I see them saying thing like DVDs and Blurays selling poorly. Do you honestly think big businesses like Walmart would devote so much store space to them if they sold poorly? Just because you're only streaming movies now, doesn't mean everyone is. A lot of people don't even have a decent enough connection to stream HD. Others will watch a movie or show they really like and run out and buy the DVD or Bluray afterwards. Though I stream a lot of stuff on my Bluray/Internet Tv unit, I still prefer owning physical copies of stuff I really like, and so does everybody I personally know.

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