Halo 4 Updates It’s “Legendary” Icon

The famous elite skull and crossed knifes gets an update for new enemy.

Released on IGN’s Daily Fix video, the new Legendary Logo is updated to fit in with the new enemy in Halo 4. A lot of people are pretty unhappy with the change, but what do you guys think?

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ukvampire2276d ago

Very strange 8bit design

Muffins12232276d ago

I like the elite skull better but this is alright

Carl_Shocker2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Does anyone feel like over time 343 are going to slowly change Halo to try and make it there own thing....not a game first made by Bungie. I'm not talking about huge changes, just small ones like this where over time you won't even notice them untill 3-4 more games where you see a completely differnt look. I don't see the point since people will always remember it as a Bungie game

It seems a little disrespectful to Bungie, why change small iconic things to the game, surley something like this could of been updated and remained the same...years to come you;ll see these things and go "Remember back in the old days when it was like this, ahhhh classic Halo, I hate how they've changed it"

Shadonic2276d ago

I mean overall they will still have those iconic things in a sense and im sure there going to have some sort of easter egg or end credit thing thanking bungie.

Carl_Shocker2276d ago

Probably but it just seems like now they want it to be known as a 343 thing. I mean I know it's no big deal but over time these small changes will build up and one day in the future when they've done more changes you'll compare a future Halo game with Halo 3 or Halo Reach and think "Oh my god I remember this look, that was classic Halo...Bungie did great"

I'm not saying 343 are doing bad, I just don't think they need to change every thing, big or small for the sake of it. I mean the online seems a bit differn't, but then they'll change it more and more as each Halo game comes out and if the unliklely happens it might turn into every other online multiplayer game.

Look at the amor change on the Master Chief, such a small thing to change compare to the massive world of Halo but was it really necesary, I mean yeah improve it, give him so new features but don't totaly change it where it gives a "Oh yeah Cortana changed him while he was sleeping".....REALLY, she did that in a cyropod...ok then

Captain Qwark 92276d ago

im actually glad they are not afraid to make design changes such as that and feel comfortable making it their own. bungie did a great job with 1-3 but after those i feel they were starting to lose their magic. i didnt care for odst ( except for firefight ) and didnt like reach at all. in the 5 games bungie did i dont feel as though they were bold enough to take chances and make real changes and as a result the game barely evolved over those 5 games. i for one am thankful for the fresh eyes on the series and from what ive seen it looks outstanding. hopefully it turns out as well as i expect

humbleopinion2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Three few things to remember:
1) those slow change happened during the Bungie days all the time: the iconic pistol from Halo 1 was dropped alongside medpacks in Halo 2 for example.
2) Halo 3 was already a game were more than half the of the people working on it weren't initially in the original Halo CE team. With different people on board, the direction always shifts - Halo Reach is a world apart from the original game.
3) There is nothing disrespectful for Bungie: In fact, Frank O'cconor alongside many other Bungie employees decided to stick with the game they love and founded a new studio dedicated for it. At the same time, Bungie earned their freedom from Microsoft so they can pursue other fresh directions. People were able to choose which team to join so it's a win-win situation, and Bungie will still be remembered as the team who originally made Halo.

lategamer2275d ago

Bungie chose to leave the franchise, they knew that if they left another developer would come in, and most likely change things up.

Like it or not, it is 343i game, so I would hope they would try and do their own thing.

If you try to copy someone, all you'll ever be is an illusion. But if 343i tries to create their own Halo, maybe it'll end up being an even better game.

Give it a chance, we'll see what happens.

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blue_cheese2276d ago

i like it coming from an hardcore halo fan, 343i is taking halo in the right steps to evolve the series so as to not feel played out.

3-4-52276d ago

I get the Legendary = old connection.

Wish they would have added some color though. it's a bit bland, although I don't care about emblems / Icons that much.

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