Borderlands 2 dev on creating the canonical sequel to James Cameron’s ‘Aliens

While Gearbox Software celebrates the release of the critically acclaimed Borderlands 2 this week, GamesBeat sat Gearbox's John Mulkey to talk about the studio’s other big shooter. The long-in-development Aliens: Colonial Marines is set for a February 12 street date next year, and it’s considered the canonical sequel to James Cameron’s Aliens film. Gearbox is also promising to make Alien 3 a better movie. What wizardry do they wield?! Find out inside.

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LouisGarcia2275d ago

I'm a fan of the Alien films and Gearbox, so it's safe to say I'm excited for this game!

Fishermenofwar2275d ago

"Maybe we should put her in charge"....

Hudson biggest Noob of all time.... LOL

Super excited for this game....Getting Collectors addition

Fishermenofwar2275d ago

4 more weeks man..4 more weeks and I was out...

Crazay2275d ago

When I first saw the trailer for the Multiplayer, immediately I thought of Left 4 Dead and showed it to a bunch of my L4D friends. We're all really interested in it but are hoping for a Multiplayer vs. Demo to come out before we make our decision.