PS3 support to continue through at least 2015

GameSpot - PlayStation VP of hardware marketing John Koller says Sony will support aging console as long as development scene is running; claims $270 price point for new model a result of consumers' call for value.

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smashcrashbash2275d ago

Before anyone says it, this doesn't mean that they won't have the PS4. It just means that they will continue to support the PS3 the way they supported the PS2 after the PS3 was revealed.I know people will start with the 'PS4 in 2016' so I am putting up a road block.

jc485732275d ago

I would assume they will announce ps4 sometime in 2013, then release the console in 2014.

Dante1122275d ago

Sweet news. I wonder if Microsoft will continue to make new exclusive IPs and support the 360 till 2015 as well? I hope they do, but great news for PS3 owners.

darthv722275d ago

how long they will support the ps2? seems that energizer bunny really does keep going and going and going and going and....

NastyLeftHook02275d ago

would you say...e3 perhaps?

sikbeta2275d ago

2014 is too late, by that time, the Wii-U will be 2 years in the market with a big userbase and Devs would use it as lead platform for development, so every HW advantage will be useless for non First Party Devs.

NatureOfLogic2275d ago

I'm simply just sick of the gen. A lot of good games coming next year, but as of right now this gen is just boring.

GrahamGolden2275d ago

"Dante112 - I wonder if Microsoft will continue to make new exclusive IPs "

huh ? except kk gears and halos and a forza every year...what do u mean exatcly by saying CONTINUE TO MAKE NEW EXCLUSIVES ?

this guy is joking right ?

Qrphe2275d ago


That's not necessarily true. There other factors to consider. As an example, the DC was in the market two years before the PS2 came out and performed well on the market where support for the PS1 still continued for that interval.
The DC was significantly more powerful than the PS1 and N64 but this time around the Wii U isn't more powerful than current consoles (so multiplat support should be even for the big 3).

BattleAxe2275d ago

They should support it through to November 2016 at least, as that would be 10 years. The PS3 could realistically be supported for at least 5 years beyond the ten year mark. Developing countries like India and Brazil are huge markets that haven't bought into this generation of consoles quite yet, and with the PS3 Super Slim being much cheaper to produce, you would think that Sony would be starting to push their hardware more heavily in those regions.

PS3 will still be a viable console up to the year 2020, as it still connects to online services and still allows people to buy items from the PS Store.

ShadowKingx2275d ago

Agreed, but the release will be more than likely holiday season 2013. then games made for the PS3 and PS4 till 2014 then after that just PS4.

DeadlyFire2275d ago

Sony = 5/10 year policy since the PS2 has ended up with 12+ year policy for support on PS2. Its starting to dwindle down in US, but its likely in some regions to be supported for a few more years.

PS3 will have no less than a 12 year cycle of support. 2018 is when I believe support might dwindle, but as they have stated they won't stop supporting it unless the sales drop to a low point for awhile. Which is why it is stated at least until 2015. They don't know where sales numbers will go when a new platform takes the lead. Sometimes it stops, sometimes it sells faster and other times it just stays steady.

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Hatsune-Miku2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

The ps3 will probably be about 105million sold by then outselling all the consoles on the market now to be the second highest selling console below ps2. The ps2 might be around 180 million sold by then also

I do like that Sony supports their systems for years after they release a newer upgraded version. They are the only company that does that and its commendable.

ninjabake2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

30 mill for the PS3 in 3 years while the system already reached its peak while only selling 11.6 mill per year? Yeah that's feasible.

But as a PlayStation fan since day one I do commend them for continuing to support their older platforms. I wish Microsoft would've continued with the Original Xbox, that thing had the world of potential.

EeJLP-2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Your math doesn't make any sense. Where do you come up with it peaking at 11.6mil? The PS3's only been out ~5 1/2 years. It looks like you just took its total amount sold and divided by the number of years, because it would have to have sold at your peak number the full 5 1/2+ years to hit its 60+ mil sold to date.

vgchartz has this, which looks much more legitimate than your number:
2006 - 1.25mil
2007 - 7.95mil
2008 - 10.27mil
2009 - 13.02mil
2010 - 13.90mil
2011 - 14.12mil

If this new PS3 came out at $149-$179 (12GB Flash stock w/ HDD addable) and $199 for the 250GB it would have sold like hot cakes 18mil+ per year. With the announced price point, we're probably looking at more near the 10-13mil range per year for the next couple years (without a price cut, higher with if soon).

If it sold 41mil the past 3 years, 30mil in the next 3 years is easy with the $199, $179, $149 price points still untapped.

Christopher2275d ago

I didn't know this needed saying since Sony has always stated a "10 year support plan" on the PS2 and PS3 consoles.

dredgewalker2275d ago

It's tiring that some people need to be reminded of this.

CoryHG2275d ago


So that would mean only 3 right? One per year.

neogeo2275d ago

I want a ps4 now but it would also be nice to see a PS4 in 2015 because it would for sure be leaps and heaps better just due to the tech in 2015. One fear I have is if they rush it out soon and also try to keep it cheap like $399 then it wont look noticeably better then WiiU and it will be skipped by casuals. The core gamers only make up 12% of the market.

steve30x2275d ago

The next gen consoles wont use the newest hardware available. It will use hardware thats a year or two old. Thats how R & D works for consoles. If they use the newest harddware they wont have enough time to test how well the newest hardware will work in the chasis / case they want to use to make sure it runs cool enough and has enough airflow.

torchic2275d ago

you're so smart, I want to be just like you.

refocusedman2275d ago

I would love for this current gen to last longer. If only developers decided to be more innovative and push the barrier a little, I think this current gen could last a least another 3 years. Just because I can, doesnt mean that I want to drop another 3-4 hundred for a new system. Especially when I have games on my current system that I havent had a chance to play yet.

showtimefolks2275d ago

i been saying this for a long time why won't both ms and sony do what nintendo did.

announce a new system next e3 than for the whole year build hype keep quite than e3 2014 show everything and launch date etc, that way all the attention will be on ps4 and xbox720 for 2 years like it was on wii-u

also since both xbox360 and ps3 are HD console expect the software support to last a lot longer than gens before just because most 3rd party publishers will port their games over to ps3 and xbox360 even after next gen console.

so software support till 2015-2016. enjoy this gen i don't know why everyone is in such a hurry because 3 years in y'all will be asking for newer systems when development is so expensive and long why would these billion dollar companies rush when their current systems are selling strong and that's without a price drop for a long time

doogiebear2275d ago

Thank u smash. People can be such imbeciles. Sucks that u have to hold their hand and feed them such simple concepts as if they were babies. Sony always supports systems well beyond the next generation's iteration, like Smash said.

ritsuka6662275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

PS3 support to continue through at least 2015"

I remember Sony droped the suport of games PS2 after 7 years life time.

So, this is just some damage control PR crap from Sony after announce of Wii U...

MostJadedGamer2275d ago

I made a dumb mistake last gen. I sold my PS2 just before the launch of the 360, and bought a 360 at launch even though I knew the PS2 had a lot of life left.

I was so anxious to move on to the Next Gen, and I probably missed out on some good PS2 games because of it.

I am taking the opposite approach now. I currently own only a PS3(sold my 360 in 2007 because of all the hardware problems), Anyway I plan to get as much as possible out of my PS3 before moving on to the Next Generation. As long as there are still games coming out that interest me I am not going to move on to the Next Gen.

killerhog2275d ago

Sony did start the "10-year-plan". Once the next Xbox and wiiU is released expect support for their older consoles to be dropped. I predict even after 2015 support and demand for the ps3 will continue.

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NastyLeftHook02275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

As a gamer, I loved and played my ps1 and supported it until the ps2 came out...

Then i as a citizen of the playstation nation i was living in my world, but played in there's. for many years

As 2006 came along, i was playing beyond and i am enjoying every minute of it.

why? because it only does everything.

Half-Mafia2275d ago

Might just be the best comment I've ever read on the internet.

GiggMan2275d ago

LoL. Comment and photo combination is quite epic.

DG902275d ago

You sir.. deserve a medal.. epic comment.. truly epic.

Agent_hitman2275d ago

Bubbles for you dude, but please vote bubbles for me lol..

DivineAssault 2275d ago

Thats great news.. That means that since 2013 is around the corner, PS4 is at hand.. PS2 support continued for 3 years into PS3.. Its coming baby!

NastyLeftHook02275d ago

(takes a deep breath) yes, yes my is.

EliteDave932275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

To be honest, I wouldnt mind waiting 2 more years for PS4.

DJ2275d ago

Me too. I feel like PS3 games are finally starting to feel like the "next-gen" titles that were promised before launch. Give us PS4 in 2015. Who cares about Nintendo and Microsoft launching early?

GiantFriendlyCrab2275d ago

im guessing that ps4 is coming out in February 2014 in europe and in Northern america