Randy Pitchford knows of devs creating Borderlands ‘killers’

In a Q&A on Kotaku, Randy Pitchford says that he knows of Borderlands 'killers’. He isn’t bothered by it, either.

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wane2274d ago

His game isnt even original in the first place.

Burackus2274d ago

What other FPS-RPG is there thats worth a dam?

bubblebeam2274d ago

Tell me now, what games that are made today are "original"?

And don't bother mentioning an obscure looking Indie POS that fits into a generic category for trying to hard to be original.

I don't see any other open FPS Lootfest (with plenty of rpg elements) that can be played co-op.

Fact is, why would you be worried? They own the genre they are in (FPS lootfest or whatever) and any new competition would have to be better than borderlands 2 AND manage to beat borderlands strong fanbase.

da_2pacalypse2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Borderlands is unique. The gunplay is smooth and plays like a natural FPS, while there is a giant emphasis on RPG elements, and there is a loot system better than diablo3! You've got a satirical comedy along with a great art style.... Borderlands does so much, and it does all of it so well, that's why it's a unique game. Anybody whose trying to copy that formula is trying too hard... I bet it's a studio owned by EA.

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rickybadman2274d ago

^^^ might not be original. But it is innovative. Borderlands in the biggest original FPS IP this generation.

dedicatedtogamers2274d ago

At least he is being humble about his game. The Borderlands franchise has now been set in stone. Currently, there are no other loot-fest RPG/FPS games on the market. Yes, others may come in the future, but it is likely that Borderlands will have the genre on lockdown.

ChunkyLover532274d ago

Usually when people come out with a "something killer", the killer app has to be pretty big. Borderlands is a good game, and the sequel is excellent so far, but the games would have to hit 7, 8 or 9 million to be in the category that even warrants a "killer" in my opinion.

ronin4life2274d ago

All it really needs to prove itself in this regard is to make a decent profit. I'm pretty sure BL 1 and 2 have made incredible returns. While high numbers are obviously important, the actual cost to profit margin is far more relevant in a business perspective.

ChunkyLover532274d ago

I'm enjoying the second one more than the first, I see that they are enjoyable games, but they aren't really something that I'd consider to be a must have game. We are all entitled to our opinions though, and I can see why a lot of people love the series.

GTRrocker6662274d ago


I feel the same about cod and halo. I love borderlands 2. To each his own.

kma2k2274d ago

i am a borderlands & now borderlands 2 addict, but i have thought on more than one ocasion that I wish we had 3rd person as an option at least!

REDGUM2274d ago

Not my kind of thing mate 3rd person view, but your right it's a simple addition they could have added.

ronin4life2274d ago

There was overstrike, which was being made by the ratchet and clank devs, but the tone of the game has been shifted from humorous spy flick parody to be more serious, gritty shooter.
Still, If you want a 4 player 3rd person shooter with at least some basic BL similarities, you should keep your eyes on it, by its new name of Fuse(I believe that is what it's called now.)

vortis2274d ago

There's a 3rd person mode on PC. Poor console gamers miss out big time.

It's also pretty slick, too.

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