Of PlayStation Vita owners, 'almost all' own PlayStation 3 as well

Engadget writes: "Sony isn't sharing exact numbers, but Sony Computer Entertainment America VP of marketing, handhelds and home consoles John Koller teased that "almost all" PlayStation Vita owners are also PlayStation 3 owners. We were discussing the potential crossover between Vita and PS3 -- the obvious comparison to Nintendo's latest offering, the Wii U, and its tablet controller. The Vita and the PS3 are capable of producing similar functionality, and, if anything, with higher fidelity, as the Vita is a standalone console."

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Hisiru2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Yeah right.
-I need to buy two different expensive systems (+ expensive memory card for Vita)
-There is no R2/L2 button on vita (which is necessary for games like ZombiU, Rayman legends, Fifa 13 etc etc)
-Once they show 2 Gamepad supported games next year, what you gonna do? Buy 2 vitas?
-Third party support probably won't be that good because vita is not selling very well and most third parties won't even bother bringing their games for this crossplay feature. Only Sony is showing it, and I wonder why? If they can't even get better third party support on vita, I don't think they will get more support for something like this.
-There is a lag (in the inputs) when you try to play games like GOW, maybe they will fix it. If you don't believe me, just try it (like I did) and you will see.

What Sony showed with LBP functionality is basically what Nintendo did with GBA+GC.

I will believe in Sony once this feature brings games like ZombiU.

@PirateThom and @HarryMasonHerpderp
Not the same thing. In some games (fifa for example), you need to hold R2 or L2 to run and use L1 or R1 to do another thing (like a curve, different shoot, 2-1 etc). Also, it's like touching a touch screen game on the Ipad/Iphone, you don't have sensibility.

And there is still all the other problems (the main problem is the price, you need to buy a Vita, PS3 and Vita memory card).

Who is talking about crossbuy here? Who is even talking about the 3DS? We are talking about the Gamepad x PSV+PS3.

Wii lost a lot of great third party games, but youre wrong. Third parties gave us games like Red Steel 2, Madworld etc.

it's not just about price. Read all my words again.

HarryMasonHerpderp2276d ago

The R2/L2 buttons are touch buttons at the back of the Vita.
LittleBigPlanets cross play looks brilliant just saying.

KonaBro2276d ago

Please tell me when Nintendo is letting you buy one game for the 3DS and giving you a free game for the WiiU and vice versa that can be transferred back and forth for at home and mobile game play? Also, show me where the 2nd analog nub is on the 3DS to allow you to play your so called games like ZombiU, Black Ops 2 etc. on your 3DS like your WiiU.

Oh, you can't?

Then spare us.

DA_SHREDDER2276d ago

there aren't any L3 R3 buttons either

PirateThom2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Just regarding point 2 - there's a back touch pad, which functions pretty well as R2/L2 from what I've used.

Last point, do you mean via Remote Play? Remote play is basically streaming the game to the Vita's screen, Cross Play is using the Vita in place of a controller but still playing via the TV unless the game calls for it to show a different screen... based on the LBP footage I've seen, the latter isn't laggy at all since all the Vita is doing is acting as a controller.

I agree with you on the other points though, it's only a rival if you already own the systems.

There's a whole front and rear touch panal, you can add those buttons to the bottom of the rear touch or the side of the front screen.

bintarok2276d ago

Ok, so current PS3 gamers can just pick vita to replicate WiiU easily.

On the other hand, which attracts more to new potential buyers tho?

zebramocha2276d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

@hirisu third party dev didn't really support the wii mote and they are not guaranteed to support the tablet either. You are confusing what I'm say,just because it's there doesn't mean third party dev have to support it.

stuna12276d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Just because it requires two different pieces of hardware dosen't disprove what sony are saying! It just means it's more expensive.

I did read your comment, what I think people are for getting is that with the PS3/VITA combo vs the WII U, the PS3 and Vita are two two unique consoles with their own dedicated hardware/software operating systems or, what have you! The Wii U on the other hand is not.
You can take the Wii U pad to the bathroom, but you can take the Vita to another country and still have functionality.

The things that the Wii U is supposedly able to do do are things that the Vita is doing? Just because it isn't highly recognized doesn't change the fact that it being done.

Muffins12232275d ago

200+250 (no memory card needed to in interact with game is 450 and you can easily do the same thing a wiiu can...

stuna12275d ago

As a response to your other statement about two pads, right now you can play cross platform right now! Meaning someone could be playing on the PS3 and another could be playing on the Vita! Can the WII U do that? It's being done with Wipeout.

It's understandable that there will be differences, but you're talking about a 7 year old consoles compared to something not even released yet.

sikbeta2275d ago

It can't rival the Wii-U and It's not about shape or buttons or anything but price

Wii-U = $350

PS3 ($250/$260) + PSVita ($250) = $500 w '09 model or $510 w '12 model

Hisiru2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

You will be able to play COD Black Ops 2 on the WiiU using Gamepad + Pro Controller. One player will play on the gamepad, the other player will play on TV + Pro Controller.

You can play against your friend (adding bots) or co-op multiplayer.

crossplatform? We are talking about Gamepad vs Vita+PS3 gameplay. It has nothing to do with crossplatform.

THESONYPS32275d ago

The funny thing is that current gen can compete with next gen. Wait til next generation PlayStation which will be designed around the VIta, and will have better functionality than the PS3 and WiiU. I'm sorry, but WiiU is barely better than current gen, how will it go with powerhouses like the PS4? Sales probably good, but quality low.

stuna12275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Bu t that's what I'm saying Hirisu, that's not cross platform because the tablet is part of the WII U! Not separate, but on the other hand the PS3 and Vita are two separate systems.

Actually we're talking about everything that the WII U is supposedly able to do that is also able to be done on the PS3/Vita combo! But if you really want to get technical, what about things already capable on the Ipad as far as gaming from the pad to the tv! Or the fact that the WII Us screen is only a single touch while the Ipad is multi-touch as well as the Vita which has multi-touch on the front screen as well as having rear touch functionality.

KongRudi2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )


You should try out a Vita.
- Both Rayman and Fifa play fine on Vita, even without L2/R2, so that's not a necessity.
- You even have better passing and shooting aiming options on Fifa, compared to the console-versions, due to the touch/back-touch.

The shooters usually use drag grenades instead of R2 on Vita, the benefit of this is that you don't have to throw grenades at the center of the screen.

The Vita also has better touch-functionality than WiiU, wich is only single-touch, and require you to use a stylus or press really hard, from what I understand.
- So you can do more with the Vita-screen, than the Wii U screen.

As for it only beeing Sony doing Cross-play, with Wipeout/LBP etc, that's not true anymore.
God Eater 2 announced the other day, is cross-play via PSP/Vita..
A game like Zen Pinball 2 isn't Sony either, and there the game is free, you just buy the boards on PSN, and you can download it on whatever platform you want.
Eve-publisher CCCP makes a Vita program for Dust, etc. And lot's of other publishers give you both versions of DLC, i.e. Marvel vs. Capcom when you buy it..

So even tough it's mainly Sony pushing it, it's not only they who do it on PSN.
Other publishers do it aswell, it's up to gamers to show they want it. :-/

MastaMold2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

@Hisiru, My guess is you dont a PS Vita cause the front and back are touch screens and they can be used as L2/R2/L3/R3 doing research does alot of help.

Sent from my PS Vita

hkgamer2275d ago

I always presumed that L2/R2 were usings Vitas rear pad and sensitivity depends on which part you are pressing. To be honest, I haven't got a clue.

These two shouldn't be compared at all.

If you are inside your house the WiiU is better.

If you are outside your house, than the WiiU is pointless.

The Vita + PS3 combo can replicate some functions on the wiiU, but will never do it as well as the WiiU.
WiiU just has more RAM to handle streaming the image onto the smaller screen.
Just think about the Black ops 2 demo, the Vita will never be able to do that since the PS3 will be struggling with what is on screen already. Streaming another image onto another system would be almost impossible. Although Sony does have tha 3D splitscreen thing.

For the people comparing the 3DS, that's not part of this discussion so leave that out.


Cross Play is not using your Cita as a control pad. That is Cross Controller.

Cross Play is basically saving your game on PS3 and carrying that save game on your Vita. Basically like Konami's Transfarring. Cross Buy is when you buy PS3 game and get free Vita version.

Exquisik2275d ago


Actually Cross Play is when you're able to compete against both Vita players and PS3 players regardless of the console that you're playing the game on. Some games that are supporting cross play at the moment are, Wipeout, Hustle Kings, and soon Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.

You can check out the video of All Stars Battle Royale with Cross Play in demonstration here.

doogiebear2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Dude whatever. The wii u cost a hell of a lot of money, when u factor in the fact that the harddrive is worthless; but u don't wanna see it that way. But if you factor in the FACT that you'll need to buy an extra external Hard drive for the wii u (since its hard drive is laughable when dlc, patches, and downloadable games come out). You'll probably have to spend between $60-$100 for a decent sized hard drive. So when u look at things that way, it actually cost a little less than getting a ps3 and a Vita.

Plus Sony could always cause their new Playstation Mobile program to allow functionality between common phones and the ps3, all for free (just like Microsoft is doing with Smart Glass for phones/360)...Everyone has a cell phone. And besides, most cells/tablets now are multitouch, which is more than we can say for the wii u pad. Plus all the thousands of games on ps3's back catalog can easily be patched (for free) to work with ps mobile for phones and on Vita. It will take wii u years to catch up to this catalog size (assuming 3rd party's stay interested). So when u look at all these points, it looks like PS3 has nothing to fear.

MaxXAttaxX2275d ago

You don't "need" to buy the two systems.

This is a feature for those who already have both or are planning on it. And apparently, most Vita owners have a PS3.

The fact is, the Wii U gamepad is a controller with a single-touch screen vs a PS Vita which is an entire multimedia gaming system of its own which can play games and other media anywhere not just in front of the TV. People don't just buy a Vita for this one feature. They buy for its multiple features.

jon12342275d ago

Its amazing and sad how much time people like you take, to write a comment to bash on a system......

sjaakiejj2275d ago


That argument is only valid if the person doesn't already own a Playstation 3. Whilst Wii-U is cheaper if the person in question has no console, if the person wants the functionality of the Wii-U and already has a Ps3, all that is needed is a Playstation Vita, which is cheaper than the WiiU and doubles as a handheld gaming device.

darthv722275d ago

"Please tell me when Nintendo is letting you buy one game for the 3DS and giving you a free game for the WiiU and vice versa that can be transferred back and forth for at home and mobile game play?"

This is going back a little bit but Geometry wars for the Wii included a version you could download to the ds from the wii via wifi.

i know because i have it. It may not be the exact example you are looking for but they do exist.

kariyanine2275d ago

Not disagreeing with the majority of your points but this one boggles my mind.

"-Once they show 2 Gamepad supported games next year, what you gonna do? Buy 2 vitas"

Everyone will need to buy a second Gamepad as well and considering the price point, which in Japan is roughly $170, I'm not sure many will be doing that anyway.

sarshelyam2275d ago

About the only point you make any sense on whatsoever is the projected price of buying a similar package/bundle to that of the WiiU. Everything else you say is so ill-informed and, frankly, incorrect.

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dedicatedtogamers2276d ago

Here's the elephant in the room:


I don't know if it's Sony. I don't know if it's Nintendo. All I know is that Nintendo didn't evolve the Wii motion controls at all beyond what was shown with Wii Sports Resort. Sony came out with the Eye camera and then later had to hobble it on with Move.

The reality, kids, is that BOTH Sony and Nintendo have a track-record of failing to pick up their technology and really run with it. They BOTH come out with a wiz-bang product, support it for two years, and then support sort of dies off bit by bit.

The smartest thing at this point would be to doubt what Sony and what Nintendo say about their products and just wait and see which one actually delivers.

DigitalRaptor2275d ago

Well said dude. Have a bubble!

ronin4life2275d ago

True. However, given the tech and situational differences the wiiu has fewer obstacles and a much better chance of actually delivering.

The vita/ps3 situation in regards to PS3 games played with the vita as a tab controller is infeasible, as no dev would bother to design a game around a feature most are guaranteed to be incapable of. It's just not worth the investment.

it's like comparing the gba/GC connectivity to the ds dual screen set up: we all know how these respective features panned out.

-Alpha2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Nintendo DOES support their technology-- the reason being in most instances, Nintendo had the technology from the getgo.

Sony adding motion controls, and cross play down the road for a fractured community doesn't equate "easily rivalling" the Wii U. They can talk in theory all they want, but nothing is substantiated that says cross play is "easily rivalled"

Nintendo supported touch screen, motion control, and 3D by the very nature of making these native features. I know the motion control was seen as gimmicky in some instances, but you can't say that they didn't run with it when they supported it until the end.

zebramocha2275d ago

@alpha You're lying most of their first party games didn't use much of motion control and cross play would be a benefit for anyone who has a vita or ps3 ,they can't build a game around the ps3 combo but features can be added to make it comparable to wiiu.

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dark-hollow2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

but N4G said giant touchscreen controllers for playing on consoles are gimmicks?

Looks like its not the case when we are talking about vita+ps3 combo.

doogiebear2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

No it isnt a gimmick...because vita offers the ability to buy 2 games for both vita and ps3 for the price of one. Also it can do remote play, meaning u can play a ps3 game from anywhere in the world soon. Also the vita is a portable, whereas the wii u pad is not. It is just a mono touch gimmick. The Vita can do so much more for a gamer on the go, or at home if it pairs up with a ps3. Also, did I mention the back catalog of ps1, psp, ps mini, and future ps mobile games that can be played on both systems? That ability to take my game on the go (after playing it on ps3/TV) is too tempting.

andibandit2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Yes thats all correct and unfortunately also the burden of the Vita, it's getting the same games as the PS3 not really any new IP.

Gravity rush is a good game, but most other things comming for it has already been Chewed up and spit out by the PS3.
For 249.95, you arent buying a system with a whole new catalog of are just making your PS3 experience mobile.

Why should developers even develop something specific for the wont run on PS3, so you'd only target the Vita crowd.....might as well just keep developing for PS3, and get all the userbase from PS3 and a huge chunk of the Vita userbase.

The sad truth is that the Vita, is a jack of all trades, but king of none.

MaxXAttaxX2275d ago

Since when does the Vita have a "giant" screen?
Since when is the Vita just a controller with a touchscreen and not a full-fledged multimedia gaming system?

It's a gimmick when that's your only or main selling point.
PS Vita wasn't made just to connect with PS3. It's not just a controller with a screen.

dark-hollow2275d ago

@vdonbear and nathanexplosion.

waaay to get over my point.
where did I exactly said that the vita is only a mere controller? I was talking about the concept of playing CONSOLE games with big controllers that have touchscreens in it, which gamepad and vita behave the same in this method. The same concept that n4g bashed again and again calling it a "gimmick". While vita ps3 combo is praised and anticipated for more support for it even when those same gamers dissed the Wii u controller.

I was NOT comparing the vita to the Wii u gamepad as a whole, just the concept of using both of those as a controllers for consoles.

"It's a gimmick when that's your only or main selling point."

looks like spin machine is in full effect.

MaxXAttaxX2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

It's not a spin. That IS the definition of gimmick smh.

The main thing that separates the Wii U from 360/PS3 is the gamepad itself, after 6 years. And that's what Nintendo is selling the Wii U based on.
Sony isn't selling you the PS3 on this feature alone or the Vita. They're two separate gaming systems.

Nintendo still hasn't clarified if the Pro controller can be used for every core game or not. This is a factor in my decision to purchase a Wii U.
It shouldn't be the focus of every game or forced on you.

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Shnazzyone2275d ago

They forgot to mention the 250 dollar difference since noone owns a vita.

TheTwelve2275d ago

"It can't rival the Wii-U and It's not about shape or buttons or anything but price

Wii-U = $350

PS3 ($250/$260) + PSVita ($250) = $500 w '09 model or $510 w '12 model"

---- this is true but there is also more power in the PS3/Vita in terms of hardware than the WiiU --- 12

SandwichHammock2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

True. And the people throwing around these prices are "missing" some points.

No one is going to go out and buy a PS3/PSV combo, seeing that last time I checked, alot of people already owned a PS3.

Wii-U $350 - 1 console, 1 tablet/controller, 32g of storage, most likely Nintendoland. **No** "core" controller.

This Sony "Combo"$479 (and I have to state, that here in the goo'ol Kanada, I can get a 2000 series 160GB PS3 for $229 and a PSV for $249 w/2 games and a 4GB card) - 1 console 160GB, 1 handheld console/contoller 4gb, 1 regular Dual Shock controller, 2 full blown games (one of them being Uncharted), not to mention all the free software available for the PSV.

...and there is debate about value? okay.

DrJones2275d ago

The Wii U have four times more ram than the ps3

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NastyLeftHook02276d ago

I agree with sony.

but why not have both? i love the ps3/vita's crossplay a bunch. and im going to love the wii u with its mario/zelda/metroid/starfox a bunch too.

guitarded772276d ago

Agreed. All gamers with a stable income should... as well as MS's Smart Glass. We are seeing a major change to gaming. Time will tell if it's a new standard or not, but I see a lot of potential. Just got LBP Vita in the mail today and it is brilliant... can't wait for it to go online. Also can't wait to get my Wii U this November.

NastyLeftHook02276d ago

i agree, there is tons of potential for all 3 markets, and with competition things only get better ;)

dedicatedtogamers2276d ago

What about gamers with a stable income, but with a limit on time? Owning all consoles and all handhelds is pointless to me. I will never have time to play a fraction of the games. Why is it such a crazy idea for some people to pick and choose what platforms they want?

ninjabake2275d ago

If it is a new standard, I think that it will allow for tons of creativity in the gaming industry that has been sorely lacking for sometime now. I honestly would like to see all 3 systems be unique in their own way while adapting to new standards such as social integration.

Wii U-Gamepad/social integration
PS4- social integration/more advanced asymmetric gameplay
720- Virtual Reality?

Some would call these gimmicks but I look at them as advances in gaming and getting you even closer into the game world.

nukeitall2276d ago

"but why not have both?"

because getting a PS Vita cost almost as much as Wii U!

Let's face it, the Wii U will be more powerful than the PS3, will cost about the same as getting a PS Vita (after the memory card purchase). That alone is assuming you have a PS3 in the first place.

With the Wii U, you get genuine support for the secondary screen, because developers can depend on it being available everywhere there is a Wii U.

So you add it up, does it really "rival" the Wii U?

It's clear that the PS Vita is over priced when the Wii U can deliver all that for $300!

NastyLeftHook02276d ago

i see where your coming from but if they can lower the pric of the vita and capitalize on the vitas potential hardcore market things would look better for sony. although it really depends on what games the folks want, if someone wants mario he is gonna buy it, simple.

dedicatedtogamers2276d ago

Hang on a sec: one of the WiiU's features announced early was how you could take a game off the main screen and play it on the tablet. Isn't that what Sony is doing with their "get the cross-compatible Vita version for free" incentive for all PS3 1st-party games? How is that not supporting the Vita? I'd rather take a game between my Vita and PS3 anywhere I want instead of having to stay within the horribly-small controller range of the WiiU.

ChickeyCantor2275d ago

" horribly-small controller range of the WiiU."

It's a home console. With 8 meter range.
Horribly-small? You're not putting it in perspective. WiiU was never meant for traveling. So comparing that doesn't even make sense at all.

It's not just for off-screen play. It adds as a additional screen as well.

2275d ago
NiKK_4192275d ago

@Sidar Yes, but Nintendo was advertising the feature of being able to play without using the TV. That means you still have to sit in front of the TV to play.

ChickeyCantor2275d ago


What part of 8 meter range don't you get?

Nick_5152275d ago

@sidar Sure, that's the theoretical range. You probably won't be able to go anywhere around the house with this.

ChickeyCantor2275d ago

So you're just bashing for the sake of bashing. Got it.

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SonyNGP2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Other than the fact that the Wii U controller has stuff the Vita doesn't (and vice versa). It's pretty much the same concept.

But here's a good question. How many people in the supposed "almost all PlayStation Vita owners also have PlayStation 3s" claim, are going to use this feature?

Shok2276d ago

Technically, it could replicate what the Wii U does, although, I wouldn't say just as well cause the Wii U was made ground-up for it's feature, unlike the Vita.

But the only problem is, I don't expect to see many devs utilizing this feature, just like remote play. Especially considering the low amount of people out there who actually have Vita's devs won't support a feature that will be hardly used.

(Keep dancing Pyro)

bubblebeam2276d ago


On paper, It could replicate the Wii U.

Though, I think the main appeal for the Wii U is Mario, Zelda, Metroid in HD, etc. something that canno't be replicated.

I was sceptical to say the least when it came to the wii U and its controller, but after seeing it in action, Sony and Microsoft have no choice but to replicate it. Think, no-more pausing the game to look in your inventory....genius!

Smartglass and the Vita will most likely be used for Xbox 3 and PS4, or something along those lines.

ThePsychoGamer2276d ago

There will be a fair amount of third party devs that will port there games originally intended to be WiiU exclusives to the PS3/Vita, they did it for Move.

PopRocks3592275d ago

Yeah... like Carnival Games and Family Party.

Oh, and where's that Vita port of Resident Evil Revelations?

XabiDaChosenOne2275d ago

@PopRocks359 I didn't know Okami HD and No More Heros were party games. *shrugs

WiiUalpha2275d ago

No more heroes was ported without motion based controls and sucked big time for it. It completely bombed on PS3 and Suda wouldnt even touch the game.

Not a great example there.

Okami was a PS2 game. Also not a great example.

You guys keep thinking every Wii U exclusive will be a multi plat if it helps you sleep better at night.

The few that did get ported were inferior in every case.

Moncole2275d ago

Who is Pyro? You mention him in your youtube videos.

DivineAssault 2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

all they need to do is make vita the controller like theyre doing with LBP & bingo.. Puting HUDs, Maps, Inventory, & small perks can be done on vita w no problem.. Thats 99% of what the wii u games will use the gamepad for.. Fully playable is achieved thru remote play too! from anywhere w internet.. Not 24ft.. More money sure but vita is a stand alone device that can go anywhere & has its own unique software