The mixed blessing of 'Girlfriend Mode'

GamaSutra - In the recent furor about Gearbox's apparent suggestion of a "girlfriend mode" for Borderlands 2, I've been refraining from comment. This is partially because I don't like, as a woman writer on games, when I am conscripted to act as an authority on every gender-oriented debate.

Mostly, though, it was because I privately felt it was a case of some problematic wording of an otherwise-good idea.

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Steven212277d ago

Oh my god. It's people like you who make the world awful place to live in. Who cares what it's called it's not meant to be offensive. It jut disgusts me that people are offended by words that are not offensive. Its meant to attract a group of people to play the and that would never get involved in gaming. Let's be honest here the majority of gamers out there are men. That's not to say that women are not equal in said gaming ability but it's to say they're not as likely to play the game. Some women will not need to use this specific mode because they are already acclimated to gaming. Others, who rarely have ever played a console game could use this as a foudation to get more involved in video games. I don't see why people have to go out and be up in arms about something that is just meant to expand gearbox's money gaining horizons. You remind me of the type of person that would go to McDonald's and spill their coffee on themselves and sue them because it didn't say the coffee was hot. Just please get over the whole thing. If you're a woman an you like to game, great, more power to you. If not try out this mode that will make the game more accessible to you and try to see this medium as a serious form of entertainment.

sjaakiejj2277d ago

The article is actually really interesting, and doesn't whine about the term being offensive. You should read it.

Philoctetes2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I'm sure there are women who are good at games, just like I'm sure there are women who can parallel park. It's just they're few and far between.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2277d ago

I'm a woman!! :D

And yes i can parallel park (kinda >_<)

And yes i can beat ya in Borderlands :b

Ryto2277d ago

Grow up, get a grip, move on.

There are worst things to moan about, plus most people have said borderlands was a popular game to play with their other halfs who don't like gaming, so yea - girlfriend mode would make sense.