New PS3 Model Can't Combat the Wii U

"The addition of this new model just shows that Sony is running out of ways to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft." |

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The_Infected1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Well that's pretty obvious! Now it was PS4 it would've been a different story. I just don't understand why M$ and Sony give Nintendo a head start? Just dumb idea M$ and Sony should release their consoles at the same time and show them they got what it takes with out playing wait and see with Nintendo.

Neo Nugget1644d ago

I think your S key is broken.

NewMonday1644d ago

MS and Sony are the ones with a head start

a 6 year head start

NatureOfLogic1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I can't help but think that if Sony was first this gen would we already have the next PS and Xbox.

NotSoSilentBob1644d ago

@KingElixir Sony was First all last Gen and was last to release this gen yet still has been pretty successful.

AsimLeonheart1644d ago

Why the hell does PS3 needs to combat WiiU??? The PS4 will take care of that. Nintendo fans claim that it is "nex-gen", right? Then wait for the true nex-gen consoles to be announced and we will see how the "combat" goes.

AngryTypingGuy1644d ago

Nintendo and Sony are in the same market, obviously, but they aim towards different demographics. As a 31 year old guy I don't know too many of my friends who are waiting for the next Pokemon game to come out on a Nintendo console.

MS and Sony need to worry about each other way more than Nintendo. Sure they can both take a piece of Nintendo's pie with their Kinect's and their Move's, but most of the younger demo will opt for the lovable cartoon characters and gimmicky controllers that Nintendo offers while the more mature crowd would rather have realistic graphics, hardcore gameplay and more mature themes (not to mention third party support that is LIGHT YEARS beyond what Nintendo has, at least pre-Wii U).

blumatt1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

"The addition of this new model just shows that Sony is running out of ways to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft."

NO. Apparently you didn't know about the PS One and the PS Two that came out years ago. Sony always comes out with 2 or 3 revisions of its consoles later in their life cycles. It's standard practice for them. Nothing to do with "running out of ways to compete." lmao

I do, however, wish they'd price the cheap model here in the States for $199. That would be a killer price point for a PS3. Just look at all the bada$$ games coming out in the near future and the recent past.

@AsimLeonheart (above)
Well said man. THe PS4 and 720 will fend off the Wii U. The Wii U may sell more at first but once those come out, they'll show people true next gen graphics and features.

The_Infected1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

@ Neo Nugget

My S key is broken? Maybe I just label MS as M$ because they're money grabbers. Xbox Live pay to play example.

ALLWRONG1644d ago

"MS and Sony are the ones with a head start

a 6 year head start"

But now those shoes are worn and 6 years old. Wii U shoes are new, and twice as fast. Even if the 360 and PS3 held hands to boost each other, Wii U is still faster.

sak5001644d ago Show
Boody-Bandit1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Sony isn't trying to combat the Wii U. They are merely making a more cost effective unit so they can sell it at a lower price point and still turn a profit. It will increase their user base which will increase their bank. More units usually equates to higher percentage of software sales.

Why is it sites like this simply don't get it and always have to make it an us vs them? Just because Nintendo and MS move on doesn't mean Sony does or will. The PS2 is still making money and the PS3 will most likely still be supported when the successor to the Wii U is released by Nintendo.

Great opinion piece! /s

knowyourstuff1644d ago

How can everyone be so ignorant?

The Nintendo doesn't compete for the same audience as Sony and Msoft, they go for the casual audience with shallow support for hardcore gamers. Sony and Microsoft have both taken an identical approach, but opposite approach to what Ninty is doing, tailoring to the hardcore and making a shallow effort to attract casual gamers.

Nintendo showing up first won't mean a thing - they are not competing for your hardcore gamer dollars. Their system will not look eons better than the best PS3 games like Uncharted, they aren't interested in that. They're interested in something quirky, that looks like a Fisher Price Tablet, don't get it confused.

Sony and Msoft have thrown everything including the Kitchen Sink trying to destroy each other, to the point where investing in said consoles must be done to even begin getting their money back on their initial investment. It will take a lot longer to get your money back on your investment when you overspend on marketing the way Microsoft has, and when you overspend on hardware the way Sony has. This is the reason for the longer console cycle, as marketing a whole new console and throwing out all the marketing and investment on your previous console will render you bankrupt, even if you're pulling in tons of money you'll still go bankrupt, it happens all the time, and neither Sony nor Msoft want to be in that position.

Army_of_Darkness1644d ago

"Wii U shoes are new, and twice as fast. Even if the 360 and PS3 held hands to boost each other, Wii U is still faster."

It's not about the shoes bro, it's about how fast the runner actually is;-)

Irishguy951644d ago

I guess nintendo are the fastest runners then?

vulcanproject1643d ago

It is a cost cutting exercise. Initially they can judge how the sales go, and then probably afford a price cut once the lines are at full speed and costs are lowered further.

Sony will probably be able to cut another 20 percent off the price of the machine and still make money on it early next year.

I would like to see how Wii U fares against a $200 PS3 base model...

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manman61644d ago

It is not a sprint to the finish line. The PS3 and XBox should release when Microsoft and Sony thinks it is time for it.

neogeo1644d ago

The next gen starts when Atari says so.

zebramocha1644d ago

A head start means nothing if the can't stir interest for the console,people like to think the ps3 is in it's current position because of a head start but the high price plus it being difficult to develop for are what held it back.

nukeitall1644d ago

That and the slow catch up to the competition. MS was a marvelous competitor and Sony got trounced in almost every department.

kikizoo1643d ago

lol XD "every departments"...except : games/exclusives, graphisms, bluray, video, free stuff, home, motion control, joypad, etc

Ashunderfire861644d ago

Uhh PS3 and 360 already had a head start, with so many games to back them. Wii U still need to prove itself worthy for this holiday season. That why I'm gonna play it safe and wait next year to see how Wii U progress. PS4 might be the first game system I will get and I will reserve it for launch!!! Wii U could be first or second, Xbox next last.

SilentNegotiator1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

"7th gen console can't beat 8th gen console! In other news, our site receives spike of hits with FUD article!"

A brand new system will sell well as 90% of them do at launch and then hacks like this will make articles about how ps3 sales were "so horrible" amidst another system's launch.

Anon19741643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I mean the guy offers up an opinion, that's what opinion pieces do - but right from the start you can see something's out of whack. First up he serves us this warm nugget.

"Sony is running out of ways to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft"

So you think Sony is having trouble competing with MS and Nintendo? Strange, because when you look at the numbers, the PS3 has had no issues outselling the 360 since they were both in direct competition and so far this year it's creaming both the 360 and Wii which ain't bad considering the system probably has 4-5 more years left in it. Who knows if the Wii's even going to be on sale next year.

"While this new version’s price is fair, it’s far from competitive."

Buddy, how can you make that claim again in the face of the facts? It's called research. Even opinion articles could use some. The PS3 certainly doesn't seem to have any problems keeping up at it's current price points, does it now? As for the Wii-U being some sort of super value for more money, is it? Is it really? On one hand you get a Nintendo with specs similar to current gen equipment. And you get a pad thing, that's a tablet for your home? Excuse me? A tablet for your home? It's a controller for the Wii-U. You seem a little confused. So let's compare. You have two consoles that play games. One has a tablet controller. The other doubles as a blu-ray player, has a huge game's library, is a fantastic media player and is cheaper.

I like the Wii-U. I like what it's offering up, but let's be realistic here. The Wii-U may outsell the PS3 this holiday, which I doubt...but don't for a second think the PS3 isn't still competitive.

Nathaniel_Drake1644d ago

Video games are about games not consoles

MostJadedGamer1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

First the console that have been released 1st have never finished 1st in any generation. So giving the Wii U a head start is not a problem at all.

Second both Sony, and MS need to make a profit. So they need to get as much as they can out of the 360, and the PS3 before moving on.

ozstar1644d ago

They're not releasing first because they need to know whether tablet controllers will be popular next gen.

That, and they are likely also trying to manufacture powerful console designs for as little money as possible, and without them overheating.

zeddy1644d ago

wii-u target audience is small children and old people. xbox, playstation is for real gamers.

MasterCratosKong661641d ago

easy with the labeling broseph, all platforms have good games to offer. you are gonna miss out of some fun gaming experiences with that kinda discrimination.

I mean geez it's 2012 for goodness sake. . .

showtimefolks1644d ago

you nintendo fan girls are so stupid. Xbox360 and ps3 have been in the market for 6-7 years while wii-u has yet to launch. It was easy for nintendo to look at sony and ms and see what they did right and what they did wrong when making wii-u

when sony and ms announc their next system they will have learned something from xbox360 and ps3 along with how nintendo launches wii-u to make a great system.

a slimmer model of ps3/xbox360 isn't to compete with wii-u as much as it is to reduce cost. Both ps3 and xbox360 will sell well for next 12-24 months. Also let's not forget anytime the sales decline both sony and ms can drop $100 to make their systems stand out even more.

Nintendo has a tough road ahead but they have shown enough positive signs but let's not forget launch for wii was also good but than the 3rd party support died down so let's hope that's not the case

ALLWRONG1644d ago

Your whole comment is noting but "if" and "when" with lots of wishful thinking and dreams. You have no idea what Sony and MS are offering next gen.

showtimefolks1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )


ok so let me get this straight you rather trust nintendo with 3rd party support than sony or ms? nintendo have the most IF's because since NES they have not had great 3rd party support

sony already has and will have the best 1st-2nd party support and that's a fact because they own the most studios.

MS have proven they can not only hang but beat their competition this gen.

If anything both ms and sony will make sure their next systems are even more developer friendly so they can get the best support from day one. I don't have what ifs because i am enjoying xbox360 and ps3 and keep enjoying it because it will get every major 3rd party game.

people use to complain about sony fanboys and i been on this site since 2005-2006 and can tell back than it was all MS and sony doom than ps3 took over and now for some weird reason nintendo fans are trash talking but only against sony so it makes me wonder if some of the xbox360 fanboys have joined forces with nintendo fanboys for a fight against the darkside(lol sony being darkside)

bottom line being ps3 nor xbox360 is suppose to compete with wii-u since as y'all call it wii-u is next gen and ps3 and xbox360 are current gen.


sony is known for these slim models dating back years, now i think when both ms and sony drop the price let's say $100 that's when we will see how many parents will choose to buy ps3 or xbox360 over a 300 bucks wii-u

right now i think both sony and ms are worried more about holiday sales being better than last year more than what wii-u will do.

for us core gamers most of us will buy wii-u within first 6-12 months and nothing is gonna stop that

AJBACK2FRAG1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Uh, reality check here people. The Wii kicked Sony and Microsoft's ass with two GCN'S duct taped together. Now Nintendo's coming out with a hd console with an interesting design for a controller a killer launch line up and Nintendo TVii. How is Sony and Microsoft going to compete with that? More horse power is just not gonna cut it. Those guys are gonna actually come up with some new ideas or they're in big trouble period.
Sony and Microsoft each better have an amazing E3 or they're both screwed.
All Nintendo will have to do, for an epic E3, is announce a new great Starfox game in hd, F zero hd and a new Zelda hd. Or drum roll please, lol a Mother collection on the 3ds.

Sarcasm1643d ago

"The Wii kicked Sony and Microsoft's ass with two GCN'S duct taped together."

In number of consoles sold, yes. But in the grand scheme of things, no. Games games and more games is what Microsoft and Sony provided either first or third party.

Out of the millions of Wii's sold, how many are actually still being used, nobody will know for sure. But the 360 and PS3 are still played everyday because of the constant stream of content.

And don't get me started on Nintendo's lack of online presence.

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ajax171644d ago

This is the most pointless opinion piece I've seen in a while.

geddesmond1644d ago

Sounds like an article from a worried Nintendo fan. Who cares

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darthv721644d ago

but realistically that is what sony is hoping it will do. It isnt uncommon for one company to try and prolong their product in the wake of something new coming out.

It is just their way of trying to steal the thunder while at the same time remaining relevant.

sikbeta1644d ago

I think they kind of gave up, they can't do Anything, there is nothing MS or Sony can do to avoid people buying the U, price-cuts would have helped, but that didn't happen from Sony's part, nothing is known from MS either, but even then, U Black model preorders are @ full just in days and I'm sure White model stock will be limited, everything will be sold out when it's released

MaxXAttaxX1644d ago

That's what Sony told you?

And here we were all thinking they were cutting costs.

yesmynameissumo1644d ago

As long as the Wii U is playing games that are on and look the same as PS3/360 versions, both MS and Sony can compete.

BitbyDeath1644d ago

Would think they'd try a bit harder if it were going up against the Wii by reducing the price.

I think this is just more a case of evolution.

smashcrashbash1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

"The addition of this new model just shows that Sony is running out of ways to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft.". That is what this shows? Really? What about continuing to give us great games. That isn't that a way to compete? If not then I think gaming is in more trouble then I thought it was.

DigitalRaptor1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I.. I just... I don't... I give up.

Some people just can't use their brains can they? A new form factor to reduce costs and revitalise the brand before the latest wave of games are released this autumn/winter, and so this person says that it's because they're "running out of ways to compete"..

These amateurs should give up and go back to school.

Information Minister1644d ago

Oh, it gets better! Here's the extended quote: "The addition of this new model just shows that Sony is running out of ways to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft. While the next generation XBOX is already in development and the Wii U is slated for release this holiday season, all they can do is wave around a brand new model that has the exact same capabilities as their older Slim version."

So, according to the author, this holiday season people will buy the Wii U because it's new hardware. Microsoft gets included on the same boat, because they are working on a new system, despite nothing being announced at this point. As for Sony, they won't sell PS3s because it's old hardware, and since they haven't announced the PS4, surely they can't be working on it.

I'm not making this stuff up, it's that dumb!

And here I thought Sony and Microsoft were in similar situations when compared to Nintendo. How silly of me... Apparently it's Microsoft and Nintendo that are in similar situations when compared to Sony./s

Xof1643d ago

The 'last wave of games' is most certainly not this Winter. The PS3 will see a steady stream of games throughout all of 2013 and into 2014.

And 2014 will probably see an equally strong line-up, we just don't know what it is because many of those games haven't been announced yet.

Stop assuming the generation is over just because other people keep saying it is. Look at the games. The PS3 is still going strong and will continue to go strong for quite a while yet.

DigitalRaptor1642d ago


I said "latest" not "last".

I agree with everything you said, but you need to read what I said more carefully.

RmanX10001644d ago

*facepalm*..... Stupid article....

bubblebeam1644d ago

True. It wasn't meant to combat the Wii U, anyone can see that.

It may steal some customers from the Wii U, and generate more income for Sony, but the PS4 is what they are betting on.

This generation is almost over, so when the ps4 comes out this newer, cheaper console will be the only one available to buy. Which is a smart move, as they are cheaper to make and ship due to their size and weight.

More money = More exclusive games. Well, at least with Sony...