Propaganda Talks Turok Achievements, Why Teammate-Killing is Out

Game developers just want to have fun.

So when the folks at Propaganda Games were amused by recklessly killing their own teammates during the making of "Turok," they thought it might be funny and different to include an Achievement for doing so.

They were wrong.

After a backlash from angry Xbox Live gamers late last year, the company recently decided to patch the game on release day to exclude the teammate-killing reward. With "Turok" out in stores this week, MTV Multiplayer Blog got Associate Director Tim Lewinson on the phone yesterday to talk about the controversial Achievement.

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SpaceCowgirl3844d ago

You know this article brings up kind of something that bugs me about Achievements. Yes they should take skill to unlock. But not LUCK. I mean that is why I hate online Achievements is because first you have to be Lucky to find a game, especially in like 6 months when probably no one will play Turok anymore. Then you have to be Lucky to somehow get the Achievement. Nobody goes up to someone who has won the lottery and said Good Work!