Which of These 21 Handhelds Has The Longest Battery Life?

On this table are 21 handhelds, including the Vita, PSP and just about every flavour of Game Boy, DS and 3DS there is/was.

The test is simple. Start them running, and see which one runs the longest.

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Bimkoblerutso2158d ago

Good god....GB Color lasted 36 HOURS!? Now THAT'S a battery life.

Shnazzyone2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

36 hours off 2 AA's. Plus it was in color.

StrawHatKid2158d ago

Something is up with the test or those batteries. I used to get around 20 hours playing Pokemon on the Gameboy Color using Energizer batteries.

bubblebeam2158d ago

Well theoretically, with better batteries, the old ones would win (no built in light).

I personally believe Nintendo can't beat the Advance SP. It was small, very tough (damn I dropped mine a million times and it never broke, cant say the same for ten DS consoles), you could charge it, it lasted long, and was the first one with a built in light. The add-on for advance was not sufficient.

I have a feeling that the dark caves in pokemon contributed to the light add-on for the advance.

Dasteru2158d ago

Needs an aftermarket battery pack for the PSP.

My PSP-3000 lasts 15 hours idle on low brightness.

DivineAssault 2158d ago

vita has the ultimate battery life lol

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