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Destructoid: "Lost Planet 3 may as well go by a different name, because it hardly feels like the first two entries. I'd say it's like Dead Space but that's too kind. Red Faction: Guerrilla is closer. It's a third-person shooter as generic as they come: Cover-based shooting, space aliens, push left stick to run, etc."

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ShaunCameron2278d ago

The WiiU doesn't need LP3. A port of RE6 would be more appropriate.

ShaunCameron2277d ago

@ DivineAssault

Not that I know of.

TheDivine2277d ago

A RE2 remake would be more apropriate along with RE revelations 2 or RE7 exlusively. Im sure we will see some awesome RE on the wii-u (thats not a light gun on rails game).

Blastoise2278d ago

I watched the E3 demo again last night actually. Looks really boring to be honest, just this guy using quick time events to gradually kill a giant crab whilst in a mech. Sounds cool

Gamer-Z2278d ago

They should just scrap development for this game. I was a fan of the first LP that game was actually really fun especially the online but this is nothing like LP, this game is more like a Dead Space 3/Gears ripoff.

Baka-akaB2277d ago

i dont see how it's a dead space 3 rip off as they were announced and showed at the same time .

Ironically LP3 looks more like a (mediocre) dead space game indeed , while dead space 3 looks like a Lost planet/gears offshot

Godmars2902278d ago

Doesn't sound promising, but given the way review sites have been overly critical, I'll wait till I play the demo myself.

MasterD9192278d ago

Seems like a franchise that nobody really was head over heels interested in in the first place.

Not the first game to continue to produce unnecessary sequels though...and with Capcom at the helm, no surprise. Although the fact that this is the 3rd game and it still isn't making an impression is pretty telling of what is to come.

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