Layoffs hit Sony public relations

SCEA reorganization affects unspecified number of PR workers; all employees now operating from Foster City headquarters; no impact on game development.

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Brosy2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

As long as sony doesnt take the Kutaragi approach and get on stage and tell a bunch of lies, then they will be doing a better job. Look at N4G, sony has a hundred or more PR personel working for free here. Somebody hurry and tell tentonsoftube that sony has some openings.

Blankman852043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

@sumo, quite right. I apologise. Comment edited.

yesmynameissumo2043d ago

People lost their jobs dude, their livelihoods. No need to be a douchebag.

ronin4life2043d ago

If the pr departments are seeing layoffs... who from Sony is there to tell us this??

Couldn't help myself... >.<;;

ziggurcat2043d ago ShowReplies(3)
-Mika-2043d ago

Well Sony public relation is horrible. Next up they should reorganize their advertisement team.

bubblebeam2043d ago

Very true. I have said it for ages. A lot of the PR seem unprofessional and childish. Advertising is average at best.

When Sony do advertise, they get phenomenal sales (Uncharted 3, Gran Turismo 5) that can rival any big franchise. Resistance 3 was the last straw. That game was great, made by the talented Insomniac, yet recieved no advertising.

Some times I think the advertising department is made up of one school boy/girl who is doing it for a school project. When their is advertising it is great. When there isn't, there isn't.

I think Sony should sack the advertising department, they are just mooching and doing a very bad job.

nukeitall2043d ago

I disagree, you start at the upper management level! Change starts at the top, not the bottom!!!

Get rid of some more executives and bunch of people on the board.

rainslacker2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

I think by advertising team your referring to the marketing department. Advertising is likely created by an outside advertising agency, and keeping these people on staff is not very efficient.

Marketing is responsible for getting the word out about products, while PR is responsible for keeping the companies image in tact and relaying information to investors and consumers about the company as a whole. In general these are two completely separate departments.

The marketing department only does what the higher ups in Sony tell them to do. If Sony directs them to advertise a product to a group of people they put in plan of action to do so, which may involve the advertising agency for commercials, internet ads, magazine ads, etc. Before any of these plans goes into effect they have to be approved by higher ups in the company.

To assume that the marketing department needs to be cut down because they aren't doing their job is speculation at best. It's the marketing department that puts out trailers and stuff on the internet and releases information about the games. Sometimes the PR department does this too if it involves a branding issue. However, while you may not see a lot of their marketing for the things we enjoy specifically, there is still quite a bit of marketing going on. Singstar is a good example of how Sony markets. It wasn't in our faces, but it was certainly out there and it got amazing sales.

I will agree that their marketing in general does seem rather lackluster, especially here in the US, but to say their team needs to be cut because they don't go out of their way to market directly to us gamers is rather shortsighted. Again this isn't the marketing departments fault since they are only responsible for what they are told to do.

Edit: Just say you said reorganize that dept, which yes I would actually agree with. Although they may not see the need to do so since catering their marketing to us gamers would probably be wasteful spending seeing the way we actually get our gaming news.

YoungPlex2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Bound to happen, a company can only lose so much money before taking a hit in their departments. I'm sure they turn it around in the coming months... Besides, they have plenty of free "Public Relation Specialist" here, just take a look above!

DivineAssault 2043d ago

yup! i hope the lay off every employee thats not benefiting the company.. cut the weakest links from the whole.. Maybe they can pump out more games & services with the money they save, or add more ps plus content for free!

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