A Brief Gander at….the Eurogamer Expo 2012

Ciaran: "With September passing me by like some sort of speed loving, crazy-ass month it’s only just dawned on me that the Eurogamer Expo 2012, in London, begins in just a little over 7 days. There are just two things that seem abundantly clear to me right now, because everything else is a jumbled haze of developer sessions and masterclasses."

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Eamon2273d ago

Will be attending this in 6 days.

Rampaged Death2273d ago

Going Thursday and Friday. So many games !!

Kran2273d ago

Going friday-sunday.

Hotel booked and everything. Will be going with 2 friends too :)

Only thing I need to worry about now are:

a) the train home
b) not getting mugged :D

fossilfern2271d ago

same here man! Im flying in from Belfast and it will be my first time to London! Me and 2 other friends are going so I'm really looking forward to it!

xtremexx2273d ago

going on saturday, it sucks to not be 18, all the good games are 18. but i cant wait till everyone sees a 15 year old with a press pass, last year was pretty funny.

Kran2273d ago

yeah.... never admit your age on a site like this :/