Starhawk gets a patch and Commander Fury prepares to get the skinny on all the DLC

Commander Fury will get down and dirty with Andrew about the new content, if there is more than meets the eye and how the DLC will work. I hear there is a truckload of DLC coming so I think Dylan may be holding out on us.


The cut off to submit questions is 12 pm cst 9/22

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Gamer-Z2154d ago

This game is really fun to bad it was overlooked like so many great games this gen.

DialgaMarine2153d ago

This is easily one of the best multiplayer experiences in gaming history. It's my favorite game of 2012 so far. It's something people really have to play and experience to truly appreciate it's beauty. Not to mention it's graphically one of the best looking games ever. So many colors and such vivid, creative, and gorgeous maps. It really does sadden that such a gem will probably forever go overlooked by the masses. Oh well... I'll enjoy with the few gamers who do appreciate while we still can.

urgentfury2153d ago

Agreed the game is a true experience, but wait till you see what they have coming!!!

DialgaMarine2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

That's disapointing just because I'll be at Paris Island soon. It really sucks to know that I'm going to be missing out on the awesome additions, but I'm also extremely happy just with what I've experienced so far. This game is a masterpiece, and when I get the chance to try out the future DLC, I will jump right on it. Excellent game.

@Von Agreed. MAG was an amazing piece of work as well. I was truly sad when it didn't get as much support as it deserved, but I definitely enjoyed what it did get. Hopefully you're right and the Starhawk community will expand and grow to have, very hopefully, the same lasting power that Warhawk does. The game definitely deserves it.

VonBraunschweigg2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

It is one of the best multiplayer games ever made, so addictive with so many ways to play. Hawks, tanks, jetpacks, I'm hooked since I got into the beta early this year. Before that it was 2 years of MAG, another gem that didn't get the attention it deserved. That one still has a few hundred playing daily by the way, just enough to keep it alive.
Starhawk's community is bigger atm, hopefully it will last a year or two. Kind of sad actually this game is virtually unknown to the masses while it does so many things right, besides the fresh new gameplay. They rather go for the annual update of the standard shooter only to find out the matchmaking still sucks and half their party didn't make it because they didn't buy the newest maps, with Starhawk maps come in the form of a free mandatory patch and you can filter for your desired game using the gameserverlist. And if you don't want to you can still choose matchmaking, best of both worlds. Really, why can't all games have this system? It runs great and it's not even on dedicated severs.

Edit: besides 5 new maps and 3 new modes there will be new B&B loadouts and structures, just great. And no more Bruiser skill, huuray for that one:) Being able to lock onto jetbikers with rockets is welcome to, speeding away with the flag will become less easy.

r212153d ago

At least Sony's finally marketing Starhawk. Jeez they did nothing at all to advertise it when it launched. Well better late than never. Starhawk is IMO the best multiplayer out there ;D

Parappa2153d ago

Warhawk is still better than this.

INehalemEXI2153d ago

Warhawk is great, gona have to go with starhawk on this one though...raw not even wit add ons yet the game is dope as is....

r212153d ago

well thats your opinion, my opinion is that starhawk is the best ;D

Christopher2153d ago

I saw an episode of Necessary Roughness (A USA show with some sort of psychologist concept) where the lady was working with a professional gamer and the whole time they were advertising Starhawk in the show and saying he could win "tens of thousands playing in a Starhawk tournament" and the like.

VonBraunschweigg2153d ago

I just read the info on PS blog. Next week the multiplayer part, the meat of the game, will be available for download, including all the free maps of course. For 20 bucks! All this multiplayer mayhem for only 20 lousy bucks, and all future maps for free, that's a steal.

urgentfury2153d ago

You read that correctly Von, and if you are a Plus member you get the single player portion at no cost as well.

VonBraunschweigg2153d ago

Funny, I decided to check out your website, a few clicks later I see my own clan MWHS scheduled for a tournamentfinal, tonight:) Just joined, guess I better register quick.