7 Reasons MGR Revengeance Makes Haters Shut Their Cake Holes

HiddenMission writes: With TGS in full swing gamers get treated to a new trailer and demo that prove that stealth is still in the game and that it is more bad ass than ever before. I want to point out that haters have had several issues that need to be clarified because it's getting old and it's time someone put these loud mouths in their place.

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NYC_Gamer2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I can't blame hardcore MGS fans for being critical about MGR and its different approach.

TheSpoiler2276d ago

You can when the game is a spin-off and not of the main series.

sikbeta2276d ago

Exactly, nothing "affects" the main series, even if Raiden is there... and he was in MGS2 and is the least liked game of the series...

Man, I totally read that title wrong XP

Mounce2275d ago

Exactly. It's just as much as I dislike the story of PSPs' Metal Gear Acid(But loved the Gameplay), the story wasn't tied in at all.....yet had Snake in it too, no bitching happened there.

Consider it, this is not an MGS game(as it isn't). It's a NEW IP . . . . That 'Happens' to have Metal Gear themes and characters in it. People tend to do this the other way around and think; "It's a Metal Gear game with random-non-MGS-related gameplay/themes in it OH NOES Y U DO DIS!1!?!"....

helghast1022276d ago

I can, it's completely irrational, I'm glad they wont be enjoying this game.

-Gespenst-2276d ago

I don't know. It just seems to me that if you're into MGS in the first place, you must be a pretty open minded person. I mean they're pretty wacky games.

I'm personally looking forward to Rising, even if it's a little bit violent for my tastes.

WeskerChildReborned2276d ago

I'm a MGS fan and i'm not being critical about MGR. I think some people need to understand it's just a spin off i mean MGS Ground Zeroes is coming and pretty much a confirmed MGS5 will be coming so we need to all be patient and just give MGR a chance.

ALLWRONG2276d ago

Everyone outside of this site know who the haters are.

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wishingW3L2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

was this written by a 13 years old kid on a tantrum? I mean, he says that MGR is just as over the top as every other MGS game... Then he contradicts himself when talking about the story.

Carl_Shocker2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

It's all he does...he writes things like this to defend games as much as he can and when he writes the article he starts to loose focus and ends up being immature about it.

He's done it for DMC and Resident Evil to name some.

EDIT: Below

...Hate every game, oh so me not liking what they've done to franchises like DMC, RE and Dead Space is me hating EVERY GAME. Why do people who get p***ed off at someone try to exaggerated things to further there own argument against you...I mean saying I hate every game dosen't make sense.

HiddenMission2276d ago

I'm sorry we all can't be like you and hate every game that comes out. Guess what...look at all of the comments saying that I'm right so I guess you're in the minority here.

SilentNegotiator2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Additional irrational, immature writing to match the article.
Thanks for extending the read :)

The whole "If you have something negative to say, you're a HAAAATERRRRR!" attitude runs so thin.

jc485732276d ago

my main problem with gamers nowadays is that they feel uncomfortable trying something different. I have a feeling that these so called haters have only played MGS all their lives. Just imagine if everybody was like that, every developer would go bankrupt.

Godmars2902276d ago

Who's been seriously hating on MGR? If anyone has its nothing compared with what's going on with DmC or Bayonetta 2.

Irishguy952276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Rising Revengeance has taken a beating on this site for ages. Kojima is constantly praised as a God and then his judgment is disregarded for this one. This game looks amazing anyway, i'm betting best Hack and slash ever. Really, ever. It retains stealth, Kojima's jokes/easter eggs, MGS characters, Vanquishes awesome movement, Bayonette's amazing combat(even Jaffe called Bayonette's combat better than God of Wars) and executions. ALong with environmental damage and precise limb chopping.

The only people who wouldn't like this are non Hack and slash players, and MGS fanboys

Dread2276d ago

It also got a lot of hate here at N4G because it was announced as a multiplatform during the MS Conference at E3 (I think 2010)

BitbyDeath2276d ago

@Dread, why has MGR received a lot of hate and Ground Zeroes a ton of praise?

Both are multiplatform.

Irishguy952275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

Because no one can say **** about MGS GZ without looking like a rabid PS fanboy. There is nothing wrong with it, the graphics are awesome the gameplay is awesome and it is the successor to the MGS series. They have no ammo.

J0Scorpionake2276d ago

I'm really looking foward to play Rising. I can understand who doenst like the action genre turn on the MGS series but I think they always will have the more 'serious' tale of Big Boss with Ground Zeros.

I'm enjoying the expansion of the MGS brand, KP already owns my wallet XD

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