What Happened to Star Wars Battlefront III?

A look into the troubled development of Star Wars Battlefront 3. It asks how such a popular game series based on one of the biggest sci-fi franchises out there fade out of existence?

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OneAboveAll2277d ago

George Lucas is a fat bastard with no chin. That's what happened. Making those crappy lego games and that crappy Kinect game (Which NO BODY WANTED mind you) was such a good idea...

thatzacdavis2277d ago

George Lucas doesn't even make the games, and I know a lot of younger kids who ate up the Lego and Kinect games.

TXIDarkAvenger2277d ago

The lego Star Wars games are actually good LOL.

OhMyGandhi2277d ago


@ OneAboveAll
did you even play the lego star wars games?

Stansolo2276d ago

I enjoyed the star wars lego games, good clean fun.

CyrusLemont2277d ago

Disagree on the Lego games which I personally enjoyed, however the Kinect game is a joke. They put money and resources into a kids game that will be played for what, a week? Apparently, LucasArts wanted Free Radical to fail in the creation of Battefront 3, so f***** up. Had so much potential to be the next big online TPS. This is just like Rare making all those terrible family games and forgetting what made the company fantastic.

Muffins12232277d ago

Why dont they just make it already?They know its guranteed almost to make a profit... and its been asked for almost 6 or 7 years...

ChunkyLover532277d ago

Haze killed it, Free Radical was doing it and shut down because Haze sucked so bad. Pandemic then got the game, but Lord Of The Rings Conquest sucked and so they closed down too, then Slant Six got it, but they had to lay people off and it ended up being Operation Raccoon City, which still has some BF3 coding in it.

DarkMeans2277d ago

"It’s a real shame that Battlefront III never came out and frustrating that it’s unlikely to come out in the future.

Lucas Arts, if not for the fans do it for the money."

Words well said.

DeadlyFire2276d ago

Oh they will at some point. Let them fly off a few random Star Wars titles to gauge interest like 1313, and this new untitled FPS they have "First Assault?" or something along those lines.

I don't doubt that BFT 3 will exist by 2015 in some form. At least that is my hope.

Reverent2277d ago

Honestly, at this point, I'm scared of what a BFIII would even turn out to be like during this age of games. Too many successful franchises out there that are almost guaranteed to have some impact on the way the game plays... For example, whatever dev ends up making it will probably try to sell out to the Cod crowd which will end up feeling nothing like the original BF games. I really hope it won't be that way, it it's really hard to think differently considering how many times it's happened to other games.

DeadlyFire2276d ago

Probably more Battlefield than Call of Duty. You have to look at where first inspiration for Battlefront came from anyway. If ya look at it from afar its not too far off from being a Battlefield mod/Total conversion.

Heck I wouldn't mind DICE dealing out a game. My bet is either way it will have some radical changes, but I am hoping its for the better and not the worse. Battlefront 1 style was better than 2's I believe, but that is me. Now if we blend a little CoD, BF 3, BF 4, Medal of Honor mix into it then it can't turn out all bad.

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