GTA V: 5 Melee Weapons We Want To Return

WC - Remember “Bunch of Tools”, the hardware shop one could visit in GTA: Vice City to purchase handy DIY items? How About “Tooled Up” or “Screw This”?

All three of these hilariously named tool shops sold us items ranging from screwdrivers to hammers. But we wouldn’t purchase these tools to put up a shelf with in our sprawling mansion, oh no. Quite the opposite in fact. We would use these tools to maim and kill our enemies.

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Prcko2039d ago

Gief me 2nd trailer and then talk about melee weapons,rockstar cmon ffs why you won't show us something new

Bebedora2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Melee weapon: Chainsaw? That is what I call a melee weapon for men!

Draperc2039d ago

If I can't run around the city smacking people in the head with one of these then I'll be disappointed Rockstar.

Monkeycan82039d ago

No. SR3 tried it was funny for about 30 seconds then nothing...

Draperc2039d ago

You've never played GTA San Andreas have you?

Monkeycan82038d ago

yea I have. I still don't want it. it was funny for a bit but nobody really used it as a real weapon. atleast nobody I have talked to. maybe you like it. I think its a waste.

DasTier2038d ago

They were also in GTA IV, but it was hidden very well.

Monkeycan82038d ago

Yea but you could not use them as a weapon like in San Andreas.

Camza2039d ago

Nothing was better than the katana.

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The story is too old to be commented.