Steam Surpasses 15 Million Accounts

Valve® today announced that Steam®, a leading platform for PC games and digital entertainment, has surpassed 15 million accounts and realized year-over-year sales growth of 158% through the holiday season.

The year also marked the debut of the Steam Community and launch of several best-selling and critically-acclaimed titles such as Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, and The Orange Box.

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wageslave3481d ago

This is why I dont have very long term hopes for Gamestop (the corporation).

They really survive on software sales, and used software sales at that.

How long until the entire videogame industry goes to Digital Distribution?

People are going to be able to download (and, possibly burn) their discs themselves.

Steam is just proving that PC users dont want to be bothered with driving to Gamestop or Waiting for Discs in the mail.

Yuprules3481d ago

Or how about OUT OF STOCK all the time, legal digital download is the way to go and Steam has it down pat.

BloodySinner3481d ago

"How long until the entire videogame industry goes to Digital Distribution?" - Software piracy still exists, you know...

JsonHenry3481d ago

I thought PC gaming was dead?

Capt CHAOS3481d ago

I think is here to stay. I just joined Steam the other week and have been having great fun on Counterstrike again (and yes, CS 1.6 still rocks)

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mighty_douche3481d ago

ah thats just me and my 14,999,999 buddies...

Yuprules3481d ago

LOL mighty_douche, could you imagine having 14,999,999 friends on your Steam friend list? :)

Vip3r3481d ago

I like having games on a disk than as a DLC. Easier for when you have to change HDDs.

Yuprules3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

True about installing the game from a cd/dvd is faster, but Steam did add a backup function so you can easily move it to a new hd or computer. At least when you back it up and restore it right away you don't have to download any patches like on CD/DVD media.

funkeystu3480d ago

I built a new comp on Monday and I just copied my entire steam folder from my old HDD to my new one. I have a healthy collection of games/mods in it (~25gb) and it only took a few minutes to copy - a lot quicker than it would have been to reinstall an equivalent number of games from CD.

nirun3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

steam was pretty bad at first, wouldn't start games, friends list server always down, random errors etc. a lot of these problems have been solved since then and steam is better than ever. games like TF2 are utilizing achievements and gamerscores, and steam is providing some really detailed stats it's just getting better!

Rooted_Dust3481d ago

I love being able to pre-download a game and then unlocking it and playing the minute it becomes available.

Yuprules3481d ago

I agree, even faster than driving to the store at say 10AM, coming home...installing it. The person who is on Steam will get it hours before the person from the store.

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The story is too old to be commented.