RipTen Gaming Headset Buyer’s Guide: Turtle Beach Ear Force DXL1

Michael Futter writes: How do you take an entry level headset and give it some appeal for those eager for a start to their surround sound experience? You take a page from Turtle Beach’s book and bundle in the extremely impressive DSS2 Dolby Surround Sound processor and turn the “ho hum” into “oh, damn!” This isn’t the product for diehard audiophiles, though. It’s for those that are looking for something more than a stereo experience, but can’t (or don’t want to) drop money on a high-end model. At $100, this is where surround sound begins on Xbox 360.

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Vivalajmax2157d ago

Glad to see coverage of a range of models, extremely helpful as I try to find options in my price range.