4 Possible Reasons Why Kingdom Hearts 2 Isn't In The New Bundle

Pixels or Death's Adam Harshberger outlines some of the factors that may have caused Square Enix to not include Kingdom Hearts 2 in the recently announced bundle.

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Abash2273d ago

Because they are saving it for a KH2: Final Mix + BBS Final Mix bundle

aharshberger2273d ago

That's pretty much what I said in reason 3!

NukaCola2273d ago

I am sure they are doing a 2.5 with KHII HD, BBS and probably videos from DDD.

Who knows though. I do hope this means they are going to actually show us some Kingdom Hearts III anything in the future.

TenkoTAiLS2273d ago

Probably videos from Coded, I doubt what with it being so recent and all that they will include any Dream Drop stuff.

hkgamer2273d ago

I highly doubt DDD content will be released on the newer collection, I think its too new for SE to want to give that away. Well this is presuming that the second collection will be released within a year from now.

I actually wish they would do a portable collection for the Vita. Have all the portable games in playable form so that Playstation fans get a chance to play all KH games.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2273d ago

Honestly this is just really exciteing. Hopefully this means Square will be able to finsh XIII-3 and VErsus XIII within the next couple years and start on KHIII.

NBT912273d ago

How does them announcing more games that are NOT KH3 imply that they are any closer to making KH3? They seem to be doing everything they can to not make KH3 tbh.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

KH spans 10 years across multiple platforms. Not everyone problly picked up the haneheld copies now its all coming to one system. These collections are a good prep before KH3.

I mean Honestly would it better if Square Enix gave us no KH HD collection or info on KH3 for years until they finsh their current projects? I dont think so Id rather them release an HD collection than have nothing for many years till KH3.

tweet752273d ago

because they are greedy .

TenkoTAiLS2273d ago

You want the contents of all 6-7 games in one collection and you have the audacity to sit there and call them greedy?

Saturne32273d ago

Well if they out every separate game in the ps store i dont have no room to complain.

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